SCRIP is a simple way to pay for your family’s everyday purchases that earns money back on your tuition. You can use SCRIP gift cards in place of cash, checks and credit cards at your favorite stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc.

As we begin a new school year please log on to your SCRIP account and update your account information: Specifically, the Student Name box and the Classroom /Group box. If you need to update address or phone changes, please be sure to do that as well. An email went out from the school that has a SCRIP attachment with examples for you.

How It Works

You purchase SCRIP gift cards from King’s at face value and the school orders those cards at a reduced price. The difference becomes an instant rebate for your family to use toward your tuition bill. It’s that easy!

With just a little planning, you can use SCRIP cards to shop for your monthly budgeting needs and your family can have the benefit of reducing your tuition bill. King’s is unique from many other school SCRIP programs in that 100% of the rebate is applied directly to your tuition. The more you use it, the more benefit you will receive.

You can also choose to donate a percentage to the King’s Knight Fund to be used for school needs and to help provide financial assistance to other King’s families. It is our hope that all of our families will benefit from this great program. For more information, watch our short instructional video.

Account Setup

  1. Please contact the coordinator for the Enrollment Code. Go to and click on Join a Program.
  2. Once your SCRIP account is set up, set up a Presto Pay account. This process takes a few days to verify. There are instructions on the website on how to do this. You will need a Presto Pay account for Reload, ReloadNow and ScripNow.
  3. Complete the SCRIP Agreement Form. We MUST have this to activate your account.
  4. King’s Scrip now has a Facebook Page! Find the latest information on what’s new in earning your tuition rebate! Be sure to LIKE our page and follow us!

Now you are ready to shop! Check out these great features:

  • Plastic Cards – these are regular plastic gift cards. These are subject to the order deadline and fill dates listed below.
  • Reloads – some retailers offer Reload and ReloadNow on the plastic cards you purchase through SCRIP – so no more waiting for the next order deadline using Presto Pay
  • ScripNow – some retailers offer e-certificates that are available on your computer or mobile device within minutes of purchase using Presto Pay.
  • – My Scrip Wallet for your Mobile Device! Great for purchasing SCRIP or reloading existing Scrip cards while you are out and about. Click here to see how to purchase SCRIP from your mobile device.


SCRIP deadlines are now Mondays at 8:15 a.m.  Orders and payments must be received by that time to be included.  SCRIP will also have office hours on Mondays and Thursdays (when school is in session) starting the week of Sept 12th. Monday hours will be from 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. Thursday hours will be from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. We will have SCRIP TO GO for sale and will be available to assist in setting up accounts or answering any questions you may have.

The SCRIP office is located in the back hallway on the north side of the High School Library (For map, click The SCRIP drop box is also located here. If you choose to pay for an order by check, payment must be in the drop box by the order deadline date and time.

SCRIP now offers the ability for you to order a limited variety of SCRIP by printing off this form, and sending it, along with your check to the SCRIP drop box located in the back hallway off the High School Library.   We will fill the orders on Mondays and Thursdays (when school is in session)  You still must set up a SCRIP account at, and fill out and turn in a SCRIP Agreement form before orders will be filled.

Click here to view the SCRIP Order Calendar for 2016-2017.