Check out the list of events and reunions posted here. If you are a planner of a future event, or have questions about your class reunion, be sure and contact Deb Siers, our King’s Alumni Coordinator, at

Upcoming Alumni Events

Date Event Details
August 20  Alumni Volleyball
September 19  King’s Booster Club Golf Tournament
October 14 AlumniKnight Woolsey Stadium
December 15 Living Faith Reunion, King’s High School Christmas Concert
December 16 King’s High School Homecoming
December 17 Re-U-Knighted Men’s Basketball Tournament

2016 Class Reunions

Date Event Details
 August 19-21, 2016 1978 38 Year Reunion
Contact: Duane Goehner
The class is getting together for a getaway weekend in Leavenworth

October 14-15, 2016 2006 10 Year Reunion
Contact: Alyssa Hoffman
Friday 14th
AlumKnight at the football game
Saturday 15th