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Adele Eslinger: Class of 2010

Adele Alumna

Adele Eslinger was a "short, bespectacled kid" when she startedat King's in third grade; but since then, Adele's love of language has sent her around the world to Peru and Austria, both as a Fulbright Scholar and a linguistics researcher. Adele took some time to talk with us about her life after King's while also looking back on the school that helped shape her into the person she is today.

What were you involved with at King's?
Participating in cross country was one of the most defining aspects of my Jr. High and High School years. I also took part in class council and various interest clubs, such as Connections (with senior citizens at CRISTA Senior Living), the Anti-Human Trafficking Club and, being a bit of a language geek already, the Korean Club.

What are a few of your outstanding moments at King's?
Some of the moments I remember most are really rather ordinary and every day: secretly passing around a scarf during AP English that we were knitting for Mrs. White without her noticing—and seeing her almost brought to tears (of appreciation...I think!) when we presented the ugly specimen to her at year's end; waiting expectantly on Friday mornings for the weekly announcements, which were produced and hilariously narrated by some of my peers; enjoying tea and toast while discussing the deeper implications of Narnia or The Screwtape Letters with Mr. Steuckle's C.S. Lewis class.

But then there were the more climactic moments: hugging the other cross country seniors after winning state for the fourth year in a row; feeling a mixture of excitement and dread while speaking at commencement; and traveling to Nicaragua with other King's students and teachers for immersive Spanish school and home-stays with local families.

Where has your journey led you after your graduation from King's? What have you been up to?
After graduation I headed to Claremont McKenna College in Southern California, where I graduated with a major in Linguistics and a dual in Spanish. Once again, participation in cross country provided a fantastic network of support and source of lasting friendships. During college, I studied abroad first in Cusco, Peru and then in Vienna, Austria. This started a love of traveling that took me back to Peru for linguistics research in the Amazon and then again post-college for a short term consulting contract in Lima. And now, it seems, it's back to Austria! (I will be studying the strategies ethnic minority communities in southern Austria are taking to foster continued usage and valorization of their languages and cultural identities.)

How has your experience at King's shaped your life since graduation?
The friendships, dedication, and teamwork formed during those six years of King's cross country have been huge assets ever since in the academic, personal, and professional realms. From Coach Rod Wilcox, I learned how to challenge myself both physically and mentally and how to form healthy life habits that will last for the rest of my life.

Academically, King's did a fantastic job equipping me for college. The feeling of true camaraderie I experienced with so many teachers at King's was extremely motivating as a student; in so many classes I felt that my opinions were respected and my creativity encouraged. I left King's having experienced close, personal student-teacher relationships and seminar-style classes, which gave me a leg up in the discussion-based atmosphere of many college courses.

Based on your life experiences, what is one piece of advice you would like to give this year's seniors at King's?
Take pride in whatever niche, academic or otherwise, that piques your interest. Explore it, own it shamelessly, and take joy in sharing your excitement with others. Also, take every opportunity to immerse yourself in situations, classes, and cultures where you are a minority; where you must constantly reevaluate your own perspective and perceptions of the world.

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