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King's Schools welcomed 1,233 students in grades back_to_school_alumni.pngK-12 for the 2015-16 school year, with 487 students in the high school alone. Our high school principle Bob Ruhlman describes King's as having a vibrant student body that engages daily with professional, Christian teachers, staff and coaches to find, as Aristotle said, "That point at which our talents and passions intersect with the needs of the world." 


Summer High School Reunions


This summer the classes of '60, '64, '65, '75 and '85 celebrated their class reunions, and the classes of '95 and '05 will celebrate this fall. I had the privilege of attending these reunions and I can truly say it was a privilege. Some of these groups have made a decision to have a reunion yearly because they just like each other that much! Each reunion was entirely different than the other and each had a culture all their own.

The first reunion was in a lovely home with a gorgeous view of the water. This class was extremely sporty with many members of the basketball and cheer team present. They also brought back two former coaches to honor the impact these coaches had on their lives.

The next reunion I went to was in a Christian retirement community. The night before one of the couples had just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and the decorations were still up. Many of the folks who attended the reunion had also been at the wedding 50 years before.

There were also two reunions held in Schirmer Auditorium at King's. The best part of being on campus for a reunion is the walk down memory lane. It's amazing how many memories come back to your mind when you are physically walking the same path or sitting in the same building you did all those years ago.

Several of our class reunions came to Woolsey Stadium to cheer on our football team. Some of the comments I heard while spending time with these folks were, "I remember when this field was a pig farm" or "I used to help my father mow this lawn when the stadium was first built." Talk about history. I would say that even though each of these reunions was vastly different, they all had the same purpose; to keep in touch with those they had not seen in years, to rekindle relationships and to celebrate the rich heritage we have here at King's High School.

-Deb Siers, Alumni Coordinator

Top 15 Reasons Why YOU Should go to your King's High School Reunion

1. Because you still can! Life is short! Each day is a milestone and should be celebrated.
2. Because you're never too cool for your high school friends.
3. Your family is tired of hearing your stories.
4. Who else is going to fill in the blanks to your slipping memory? Thank goodness for name tags!
5. If you don't show up, we'll assume you still have big/long (or even no!) hair.
6. Hey, who cares if we don't fit into our old bell bottoms?
7. Renew old friendships. There's really nothing like an "old" old friend!
8. You're curious and you HAVE to know what everyone has been doing for the last 30 years.
9. You have nothing better to do...sitting or napping on the couch doesn't count.
10. You'll laugh, cry and reminisce with some of your oldest friends.
11. You don't have to lie about your age.
12. It gives you a chance to humor those who have worked so hard to plan these events.
13. Because some of us want an excuse to go back "Home," if only for a weekend!
14. Because we really want to see you!
15. Who knows when there might be another reunion!!?

Dr. Deonne (Brown) Benedict | Class of 1989deonne.jpg

Deonne (Brown) Benedict started her King's journey in 6th grade, and it has driven her to run marathons, sing in foreign countries, use her gifts to heal others and, most importantly, to live a compassionate life towards those around her.

In addition to creating lifelong friendships and gaining a solid biblical foundation, one of the highlights of Deonne's time at King's happened while singing in front of a sea of high schoolers in China. "During our songs, there were snickers at the mention of God, it was such a foreign concept to the students," she said. "But afterwards there were students who wanted to talk to us." Because King's Living Faith choir travelled to the country during a turbulent time for the underground Chinese church, it was an experience Deonne says will never forget.

While at King's, Deonne ran cross country and track & field, which instilled in her a love of running. Since competing in high school, she's run a number of half marathons and one full marathon, a feat for which she credits coach Blackmer, who she said taught her discipline and perseverance. Deonne took that discipline and perseverance into her professional life as well, becoming a nurse practitioner after graduating from Seattle Pacific University before earning her Doctorate of Nursing Practice in 2005.

As a practicing physician in an often fast-paced world, Deonne created a more unique path for herself and her patients. "In the clinic, I saw how many practices had closed their doors to Medicaid patients or couldn't offer services to those who were lower income and cash pay," Deonne explained. "For a long time, I had a vision of offering a practice that provided truly quality, personalized care and saw privately insured clients while also meeting the needs of some of the lower income members of our community."

With this vision, Deonne opened Charis Family Clinic in Edmonds. Now, she enjoy seeing patients of all ages and helping them achieve optimal health or manage difficult chronic diseases. "I especially love seeing the babies and children!" she said. "Instead of evaluating a new patient every 10 minutes, as was the standard in one of the clinics I worked in, I spend an hour with new patients and 30 minutes with follow up patients. I have time for education and relationship building."

As someone who cares not only for others physically, but holds a deep desire to make all people, regardless of circumstances, feel a deep sense of worth, Deonne has this advice for King's seniors: "Those who attend Kings are privileged...with a great education, with resources, and with rich experiences. Take time to listen to the voices of the underprivileged and those who have no voice. Use your privilege to be an ally in their voices becoming heard and to change happening. As 1 John says, 'Beloved, let us love one another.'"

Knightly News and Events

October 3

Class of 2005 Reunion


Young Alumni Coffee
Classes of 2010-2015 

December 19

3rd Annual rE-U-Knighted Basketball Tournament
Men's Alumni Basketball Tournament

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