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Welcome to the news page for King's Alumni. Here you will find our monthly featured Alum, and you can keep up-to-date on the happenings of other alumni. If you have fun or interesting stories to share, please contact Kathleen Baker, Alumni Coordinator, at

Alumni Tour with Mike Martin, Jr.Mike Martin Tour

This September 10th, the King's Alumni Department hosted a campus tour led by Mike Martin, Jr., the son of King's Garden founder Mike Martin. The tour led us through the Junior High and High School, the Bundrant Ness Center and in to the underground tunnels. The tour ended at the Mike Martin Administration Building with lunch in Reimer Library. It was a packed tour down memory lane!

7th Annual King's AlumnKnight

Please join the King's community on Friday, October 3rd when the Knights face off against the Sultan Turks.


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Knightly News and Events

Friday, October 3

5:45-10:00 p.m.

7th Annual King's AlumKnight

Come back to campus and enjoy Alumni Night at a King's varsity football game. King's will be hosting Sultan. We'd love to see you there.

Tues., Nov. 25th

9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Young Alumni Coffee


December 19th


December 20th

10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

2nd Annual Alumni Basketball Tournament

January 2015

Young Alumni King's Campus Panel

January 16th - 18th

Class of 1960 55th Reunion

At the condo of Barb Ranstrom in Maui, Hawaii. Barb Ranstrom is your class contact at 206-799-6344 or

Click here for all Reunion & Current Event details…


Alumni Dave HarrisAlumni Feature: Dave Harris, Class of '62

Dave Harris might have been a math ace in high school and college, but his true calling led to only one place-communications. As a King’s graduate, Dave followed his God-given talents in journalism and mass communications to become a media spokesman for the U.S. Department of Defense. As any path that is God-led, his path has been fruitful.

But before Dave found his calling, he found himself at King’s High School. “I must say that the King’s experience was so stunningly glorious that even going to a Godly college was a letdown by comparison,” Dave said. During his time at King’s, he dabbled in music, sports, and (of course) journalism. As a trombone player in the music program, he found inspiration in teachers: Ralph Kratzer, Bob Staley and Paul Rausch. While on the football team, he jokingly claims to “hold the state record for most time on the bench!” And of course, he thinks back fondly on his time as the King’s Quill editor – the prequel to his career path. But most of all, Dave said, “I recall the encouragement of teachers whose counsel was life-changing.” 

For Dave, King's shaped him then and that legacy continues now. "What shapes my thinking now is the rich, rich, rich spiritual heritage I had at King's: God thought of me before the beginning of time," he said. "He knew my name . . . He put me here, right now!"

With a life rich in experiences both professionally and spiritually, Dave leaves a piece of advice for this year's senior class: "Look to your left and right; the students you see will likely be your lifelong friends. Look at your teachers; you will remember their counsel for the next 70 years. I want you to remember your experience at King's is teaching you about life exceedingly—abundantly!—more than you can ask or think!"

"Maybe you don't know our old school song," Dave said. "But take it to heart and live by it. I gift it to you in tears:"

Let not sin's rough fetters gall you;
Break the bands that would enthrall you
Through Christ's Mighty Name;
Fell the proud aggressor;
Rise and be possessor;
Claim the land
At God's command:
The land of promise, God shall bless her!
While LOVE flies His banner o'er us,
And while our eyes behold Him GLORIOUS,
We shall DARE with faith victorious,
Shout that Mighty Name