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Welcome to the news page for King’s Alumni. Here you will find our monthly featured Alum, and you can keep up-to-date on the happenings of other alumni. If you have fun or interesting stories to share, please contact Deborah Siers, Alumni Coordinator, at

It’s Time For 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award!

King’s Schools presents its annual Distinguished Alumni Award at the Awards Assembly in June. The criteria for selection of our Distinguished Alumni is inspired by the four pillars of King’s Schools — Academic Excellence, Christian Commitment, Caring Community, and Rich Heritage. Your nomination will be saved and considered for 3 years. Click HERE to submit your vote.




Join the King’s Alumni Team for the S.O.S 5k!

The World Concern S.O.S. 5k is a fun, family-friendly event that raises awareness and funds to stop child trafficking and exploitation by seeking out vulnerable children and keeping them safe. Join the King’s Alumni team and help us stop human trafficking. May 12, 9:00 a.m. at King’s High School. Stay tuned for more information.



Instagram Contest!

We are running an Instagram contest this month called, “Deb goes to college”. The winner of this contest will receive a $50-dollar Amazon card. 

Here is what you need to do: Go to our Instagram page @kingsalumni, copy and cut out the picture of Deb Amble, tape it to a stick so it looks like a mask. Take a picture of yourself and Deb Amble somewhere on your college or work campus and post it to Instagram with these two hashtags: #debgoestocollege and #alumnikhs.

On March 23 we will announce the winning photo, picked by Deb Amble herself. Feel free to enter multiple pictures. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @kingsalumni and on Facebook @King’sSchoolAlumni.




Knightly News and Events

For a list of all upcoming reunions, please click here.

May 13: Alumni at World Concern’s SOS 5K

May 31: Opening Night of King’s High School Musical: Peter Pan

May 31: Drama Reunion

June 2: Alumni 3on3 Girls Basketball Tournament

June 5: Distinguished Awards Night

June 15: King’s Graduation

July 22: Alumni BBQ

Are you living in the area? Where or what do you do for work? Have you gotten married or had a child recently? Have you received any honors or awards that we can celebrate?

Contact us at to let us know!