SCRIP Program

SCRIP is a simple way to shop for your everyday purchases and earn tuition rebate at the same time! King’s is unique from many other schools SCRIP programs in that they give 100% of the rebate directly to your tuition account or you can choose to split the rebate between your tuition and a donation to the Annual Fund.  Simply shop and lower your tuition!!



HOW SCRIP WORKS:  This short video explains how SCRIP works.

HOW TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT:   If you are enrolled at King’s, contact the coordinator at for the enrollment code.  Then, go to . Click on Register. Click on Join an Existing Program. Preschool and Elementary students need to fill in their grade and teacher, and how you want to get your order – if you want to pick up the cards in the school office, or have them sent home with your child. (Examples:  Jon Smith – Mrs. Jones/send home with student OR Jon Smith – Mrs. Jones/pick up in office.) If this is not indicated orders will stay in the office. Junior High and High School students just need to put which school you are in. Orders will be sent to the office for pick up.

FILL OUT AND TURN IN A SCRIP AGREEMENT FORM: You must have current year Scrip Agreement Form on file to keep your Scrip Account active. You can turn it in to the SCRIP mail slot located in the high school office.

HOW TO SET UP A PRESTO PAY ACCOUNT:   You will want to set up a Presto Pay account to take advantage of SCRIPNOW and Reloads and to use My Scrip Wallet to purchase SCRIP while you are on the go.  This will take money directly out of your checking or savings account.  This video explains how to set up Presto Pay.

HOW TO USE MY SCRIP WALLET:  You can also purchase SCRIP while you are out shopping right from your mobile device.  This video explains how   Use the same login that you used to create your SCRIP account.

SCRIP DEADLINES:  Scrip deadlines are Mondays at 8:15 a.m. when school is in session starting September 11th.  Click the calendar for deadline and fill dates.  Orders and payments must be received by the deadline to be included for that week.  Orders will be filled on Thursdays and will be ready for pick up after 1 pm.



  • Plastic Cards – these are regular plastic gift cards. These are subject to the order deadline and fill dates listed on the calendar.
  • Reloads – some retailers offer Reload and ReloadNow on the plastic cards you purchase through SCRIP – so no more waiting for the next order deadline using Presto Pay. This short video shows how to Reload and ReloadNow.
  • SCRIPNOW– some retailers offer e-certificates that are available on your computer or mobile device within minutes of purchase using Presto Pay.  This short video shows how to order and redeem SCRIPNOW e-certificates.   Some vendors require a printed copy, but many can just scan the code right off of your mobile device or type in the number.  Be sure to read the terms and conditions for each vendor before ordering.
  • Scrip To Go – Purchasing a limited variety of cards on campus can be done one of two ways when school is in session.
    1. Come to the SCRIP office on Mondays between 8:15 -8:45 a.m. to purchase. (Please note location change below.)
    2. Print off this form and send it, along with your check made out to King’s Schools to the SCRIP drop box (outside of SCRIP office).  We will fill orders on Mondays, inventory permitting.  They will be ready for pick up that same day after 10:00 a.m.  If we are out of stock we will fill it on Thursday.
    3. You must have a SCRIP account and a Scrip Agreement Form on file before orders can be filled. (see above)



Once an online order has been billed it cannot be cancelled.

SCRIPNOW and Reload products are not refundable as they come to your account immediately.

Read the terms and conditions for each vendor before you purchase.

THE SCRIP OFFICE HAS MOVED:  The SCRIP office is now located in the High School building across the hall from the main office.  The SCRIP drop box is also located here. If you choose to pay for an order by check, payment must be in the drop box by the order deadline date and time.

FACEBOOK:  King’s SCRIP has a Facebook Page! Stay updated with the latest information on what’s new in earning your tuition rebate! Be sure to LIKE our page and follow us often!