What is the Annual Fund?

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Goal Reached!
June 24, 2015

Annual Fund

Community support is what allows King's to be an exceptional school with unique programs, terrific teachers, and innovative curriculum. Like other private schools and universities, King's relies upon the generosity of parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, faculty, staff and friends to keep our school flourishing. Without the Annual Fund, our students' experiences would be dramatically different.

This year, funds will be used for:

  • Spiritual development activities
  • Technology and curriculum investments
  • Arts and athletics programs
  • Financial Aid

Please give generously. Your participation is important and every gift, regardless of amount, is vital as King's continues its proud tradition of inspiring hearts and equipping minds to serve God for His glory.

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Annual Fund FAQs

How is King's funded as a private school?

The operating budget is supported by tuition and fees, income from our endowment, and donations from our generous community. Gifts to the Annual Fund, as well as proceeds from the Annual King's Auction, make up the difference between the actual cost of operating the school and the income received through tuition and endowment.

Why doesn't tuition cover the full cost of educating students?

Like most independent schools, tuition at King's only covers a portion of the cost to educate each student. The School simply could not charge the full cost without limiting the number of qualified students who could afford to attend. We seek to make King's as affordable as possible for as many families as possible. This helps optimize enrollment and maintain a diverse student body that is an important part of our community culture and the King's experience.

In addition, donations to the Annual Fund are tax-deductible. Donations, therefore, benefit families more than simply raising tuition.

How much am I expected to contribute?

We ask everyone in our community to make a donation to the Annual Fund. The amount is of less importance than your participation. Please give generously with whatever amount you are able.

Will I be asked to give again? What about the auction?

The Annual Fund drive happens each fall. We encourage everyone to make a gift or pledge prior to Dec. 31. A pledge can be paid anytime prior to the end of our fiscal year on June 30.

In addition to the Annual Fund, King's requests donations and your attendance at the Annual Auction in March.

The Annual Fund is our most important annual fundraiser. While many student clubs and activities raise funds throughout the year, we hope that you will make the Annual Fund your top priority.

What is the Annual Fund goal for 2014-2015?

This year the goal for our Annual Fund is $230,000.

How are monies raised through the Annual Fund spent?

Your donation to the Annual Fund benefits every King's student:

  • Spiritual development activities such as chapel speakers, retreats, and mentor programs
  • technology investments
  • curriculum updates
  • music, drama and arts programs
  • athletic programs
  • Financial aid
  • And so much more...

I prefer to give later in the year. Why should I pledge my support in the fall?

Annual Fund contributions directly affect our operating budget. If we fail to meet our goal our budget must be adjusted in order to balance it. We regularly revaluate our budget and make adjustments if funding is not on track. A pledge is a commitment to make a gift. By letting us know in the fall that we can count on your support this year, we can budget accordingly and ensure that all of our programs and activities are fully funded. Pledges can be paid any time before the end of our fiscal year on June 30.

Can I make my contribution with my tuition payment or in monthly installments?

Yes, Annual Fund pledges can be made for the following fiscal year during reenrollment and will be billed with your tuition according to the payment schedule you chose.

Gifts can also be made in monthly installments. Sign up online for automated monthly giving with a credit/debit card or submit a pledge and request monthly reminders by mail.

Can I make a gift of stock?

Gifts of stock can be made in two ways. You may have your brokerage firm electronically transfer shares from your account to CRISTA's account or if you hold the certificates, you may bring them to King's Schools and we will arrange the transfer.

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