If someone asked me to solve an algebra problem or what the atomic number for hydrogen is I would have no clue. It has been too many years since I sat in math class or studied the periodic table. So many things in life you just don’t retain, skills you once had fade into what seems like another life.

Then there are those things that are like riding a bike. Things your mind and body just remember as if you learned it yesterday. A few weeks ago, we had our first Lady Knight 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament and I was happy to say for most of us it was like riding a bike. I was beyond impressed with what these ladies could still do, and in fact for many of these women, they had just gotten better over time. Jump shots were still pretty, crossovers lightning fast and free throws spot on.

The competition was awesome, but that is not why we came to play. We showed up because we wanted to reconnect with friends we had not seen in years. We came to give a high five to our coach who invested so much in our lives, and we came to have an excuse just to be back in Mike Martin Gym. I have to say, we had the best time and cannot wait for next year.


Deb head shot

King’s Alumni Coordinator Deborah Siers

Deborah Siers is the Alumni Coordinator for King’s Schools. Siers is a King’s Alumnus, herself, (class of ’95) and she loves to see alumni connect back to King’s in a meaningful way. One way she is doing that is by connecting people in affinity groups. “We want to give alumni the chance to come back to King’s and do something they once loved, so we have alumni basketball tournaments, volleyball drop-in’s, opportunities to sing with Living Faith… My favorite was the cheer reunion in which we invited 50 years of cheerleaders to come back and perform a routine at half time of the homecoming game.”

Siers was hired on a little over a year ago and loves being back on campus. She, herself, played basketball and volleyball at King’s in the 90’s and then went on to play four years of basketball and one year of volleyball at Northwest University. She has four kids, all of which are currently enrolled at King’s for next year. Alumni can connect with her anytime on the new King’s Alumni Facebook and Instagram pages or she invites you to stop by her office in the Privott House anytime to chat or pick up some cool King’s alumni gear!