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Bob Sarvis

Class of 1959

Bob Sarvis (’59), with wife Julie, and granddaughters Kanoelani (12) and Trinity (15).

Bob started at King’s in the 5th Grade, was Senior Class Treasurer, and graduated with a class total of 69 students in 1959. Bob has three sisters that also attended King’s: Judee (’61), Lois (’63), and Barb (’81).

During his eight years at King’s, Bob attended 1600 chapel services, first kissed a girl, a redhead named Jackie, in 5th grade, got punched by Dave Lush in 6th grade for spoofing his Aussie shorts, and, unfortunately, failed to save his notes on evolution from Harold Mill’s Biology class. Bob played basketball three years and played as a wide receiver in football his senior year, but can’t remember ever catching a pass. Coincidentally, he escorted Bob Ruhlman’s mom and Eric Rasmussen’s mother-in-law, Nancy Ruhlman, to King’s’ All-School Banquet in 1957!

Bob and Julie are now raising their third family. Their days are fully occupied attempting to direct their teen girls’ lives and supplying their transportation needs, with Trin playing club volleyball and Kanoe playing club soccer. Fun fact: girls didn’t play sports 60 years ago! Their first family, Kristen and Scott, are now in their early 50s and their adopted daughter, Joy, is 34. All live in the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado.

Bob graduated with a business and economics degree from Seattle Pacific University in 1964 and received his MBA from the University of Colorado Denver in 1991. During his business career in Colorado he started as a securities analyst with an investment banking firm, managed a mineral exploration company with mines in Colorado and Montana, owned and managed an investor relations company, managed a company that manufactured aluminum handrail and roll-forming machines, and for the last 20 years owned and managed the Colorado and Arizona franchises for Prime West, a John Ruhlman display advertising company originally headquartered in Mount Vernon, Washington.

While certainly less than a standout athlete while at King’s, Bob gravitated toward outdoor sports after moving to Colorado, including tennis, week-long bicycling tours in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, running 5Ks, 10Ks, and then the Boston Marathon in 1996. Moving to the international stage, on his 75th birthday in 2016 he trekked the Inca Trail in Peru ending up at Machu Picchu at sunrise on the fourth day. On his birthday in 2017, Bob was on a 12-day trek in Nepal to Everest Base Camp at 17,500 feet. And in 2018, Bob and Julie traveled to Tanzania where, on a seven-day trek, he summited Mount Kilimanjaro at 19,500 feet while Julie hit the beach on the Island of Zanzibar.

Bob and Julie are members of First Presbyterian Church in Boulder. They traveled to Seattle in July for Bob’s 60th Class Reunion and the King’s Alumni BBQ. Upon touring the campus, Bob feels that the current facilities and programs have improved 1000% since his early days at King’s!