Another school year has come to an end and the King’s Knights have come out on top. This week, King’s High School was awarded 1st Place in the 2018-2019 WIAA/Washington Army National Guard 1A Scholastic Cup.

This prestigious award is earned with a strong dedication to activities and athletics in the school community throughout the entire year. Schools that finish at the top of their respective classifications in state athletic competitions receive points, as do schools that finish at the top in team academic performance. Sportsmanship is also a factor and at the end of the school year, the school with the most points in their classification is crowned champion.

“King’s High School is excited to celebrate our 8th WIAA Scholastic Cup,” said high school principal, Bob Ruhlman. “This statewide award recognizes two key components of any activities program: academic achievement and competitive achievement. At King’s, we seek to take it one step further with faith and character development – hallmarks of our athletics and activities departments. Congratulations to our student-athletes, their coaches, our athletics administrators and to our parents and teachers. This award recognizes every member of our outstanding community whether you were on an athletic team, in our music or drama program or even our new speech and debate program. Way to go King’s!”