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Christian Education Quotes, Books, and Resources


Christian Education Quotes, Books, and Resources

Whether you’re just beginning your search for a Christian school or are looking to send your children to a new faith-based school, there are plenty of resources out there to help make the transition easy. Read on for an extensive list of Christian education resources. 

Christian Education Quotes

To start off our list, we’ll share a few Christian education quotes that will inspire you to pursue this avenue of academics. Many of these focus on the concept behind a Christian-based education and are intended to offer a glimpse into what students will experience in their time at these schools. 

  • “A Christ centered education substantiates the change to discover and nurture the unique God-inspired calling each student has for their life.” Paul Brown, King’s High School Teacher & Parent
  • “Each day I am humbled that I get the opportunity to teach my students about the love and person of Jesus. I am thankful that I get to speak Godly identity over them without hesitation and to remind them of His promises.” Savannah Knapp, King’s Kindergarten Teacher
  • “You can feel Christ on campus through students and especially teachers because of how supportive they are – you really know they care about you.” Maggy, King’s High School Student
  • “The primary reason why Christian education is so important is it gives students a strong foundation in a world of shifting values and morals.” Raquel Folchi, King’s Parent
  • “It is a blessing to be able to teach lessons, lead activities, build relationships, and encourage leadership through a Biblical lens.  As an educator, leading with faith-based education is a great way to reinforce the discipleship and godly training that is occurring in Christian households and faith communities.  Students being able to share their faith and educational journeys with one another enhances the overall experience of students in the classroom.” Dan Taylor, King’s High School Physical Education Teacher

For more inspiring Christian education quotes, visit Becoming Christian

Christian Education Books

Next up on our list of informative resources is Christian education books. Dive into the pages of these books as you continue to explore and learn more about a Christian-based academic experience. 

  • The Bible Study by Sunday. This book is an exceptional Sunday school resource. It provides a unique experience for readers engaging with the Bible. 
  • Marks of a Healthy Christian School by Phil Suiter. Parents researching Christian schools for their children will want to take a look at this book. You’ll have the opportunity to learn some of the top characteristics your child’s school should possess. 
  • A History of Christian Education by James E. Reed. Times are always changing, and this book emphasizes the need to stay true to who you are and what you believe regardless of the latest trends. This book is a great read for parents preparing their students for Christian education.
  • Cultivate by Jeff Meyers. Intended for the young adult audience, this book touches on spiritual growth and internal motivation in the academic environment. 
  • Against the Tide: Reclaiming Authentic Christian Education by Carl Herbster and Randy Hurst. Another great read for parents and students alike, this book touches on the significance of building Christ-like character through Christian education. 

Visit the American Association of Christian Schools to find more engaging books and educational resources like these.   

Christian Education Resources

Last but not least on our list is general Christian education resources. These include podcasts, blogs, and videos that can help you better understand the importance of Christian education and teach your child how to live out their faith. 


  • Christian Education at King’s Schools. Members of the King’s community discuss how King’s facilitates the education and advancement of students in a Christ-centered community, the powerful impact of a Christian education, and stories of transformation.
  • 5 Minutes in Church History. For those with limited time in their schedules, this podcast briefly takes you back in time to discuss key moments in Christian history. 
  • Back to the Bible. Short but sweet, this podcast provides practical explanations to help listeners understand God’s Word — perfect for your drive to and from school! 
  • The Bible Study Hour. Spend some time listening along as this podcaster completes a daily Bible study. 
  • Equipping You in Grace. Christian education is all about developing a Christian worldview and this podcast is a perfect addition. This podcast teaches listeners how to engage in daily conversations using their faith-based worldview lens. 
  • Think Biblically. This podcast dives into the major issues that the Christian church often faces today. 


Other Resources

  • Prayer Practices. Encourage younger children to live out their faith and prepare them for Christian education with these prayer ideas from The Upper Room.
  • LinC: Living in Christ for Teens. This resource has plenty of online information for teenagers looking to grow in their faith outside the classroom. 
  • Vibrant Faith at Home. Another excellent resource, this website offers ideas for faith-based activities to do after school. Resources like this can also prepare your child for daily activities in school as they make their way into Christian education. 

That concludes our list of Christian education quotes, books, and additional resources. We hope that these resources and more can guide you along your journey to finding the right Christian school. 

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