The safety of our campus is our first priority. In light of events taking place in the schools around the country over the last few years, King’s Schools has focused on building new safety trainings and protocols with the help of Community Resource Specialist and former Seattle Police Detective, Alvin Little.

Little joined the King’s team last year with the goal of ensuring good-working safety models and protocols for critical incidents that may ever happen on campus. King’s administrators and leadership take very seriously the safety of our students, campus, and community. With the constant need to examine safety measures for our campus, the Knight Watch program was born.

Knight Watch is a way for families to assist in being the eyes and ears for the security of our campus, and also be Ambassadors for King’s. Family members, 18 years and older, are welcome to participate by patrolling the campus to enhance security. Knight Watch is a program of observation, not confrontation and those volunteering are trained on expectations and policies by Alvin Little.

“King’s is a close-knit community, the Knight Watch program is meant to be visible, engaging, fun, vigilant, and necessary. It is a great way to be a positive influence for not only students, but those on and surrounding our campus. As we grow, I would love to see Knight Watch at our sporting events and other King’s special events,” says Little.

If you would like to learn more information about the program, email [email protected].