Keeping our Students Safe

February 23, 2018

by Eric Rasmussen, Head of School

I am deeply saddened and concerned by the school tragedy that occurred last week in Parkland, Florida. As the King’s community, I ask that we continue to pray for the Stoneman Douglas school community and the families directly affected by this senseless act.

Poignant incidents like what happened at Stoneman Douglas High School cause us to ask questions about the safety of our kids at King’s. What are we doing to protect our students so this does not happen here? These thoughts run through my mind everyday as I watch over 1300 students moving throughout our beautiful 55-acre campus.

While there are no full-proof plans that will guarantee any campus can be exempt from such a tragedy, experts in school safety believe one of the greatest protections is students trusting you with information. When students feel they can trust faculty with information about suspicious behavior, the school is safer. At King’s, the depth of relationship and support that exists in the King’s community fosters this type of trust. We have a smaller school by design, with a focus to know and love every student. We seek to walk with kids and families in a community that values spiritual, emotional, physical and cognitive health for every student. We believe that being known is paramount to a healthy school.

Secondly, we have emergency plans and systems in place that we practice, evaluate and review. We regularly consider new or different practices and upgrades that could improve the safety of our campus.  We recognize there is a tension between freedom and safety; we seek to balance having a secure and inviting campus.

Lastly, as a community of faith, we ask that you regularly join us to pray for our students and their safety. We believe in God’s power and ask for his protection for our students. I am grateful and comforted to know that God remains at the heart of our school, and I count it a privilege to be a part of this caring community.

Thank you for your trust and partnership as we seek to work together to fulfill our mission to inspire and equip our students to follow and serve God.


Eric Rasmussen, Head of School 

  • Carolyn

    I have been here about 7 years and I’m not aware that we have ever practiced any safety drills regarding intruders. You stated that “we have emergency plans and systems in place that we (practice), evaluate and review.” So I am wondering who practices these?
    I understand “evaluate and review” but the practical application, I have never seen or heard about.
    I understand there are lock down procedures, but again, I haven’t seen these practiced.

    • Sally Ralston

      Thanks for your response Carolyn.

    • Sally Ralston

      Thanks for your response Carolyn. Every school – preschool through high school has regularly scheduled safety drills. Each school has unique age appropriate drills. For specific information about what drills are practiced and when, please contact a principal and they will be able to give you more information.