King’s Elementary

Inspiring a love for lifelong learning

King’s Elementary is an amazing community! Our teachers, staff and administrators make all the difference. They inspire, nurture, and speak into the students’ lives. Your children receive an exceptional education while realizing their potential and growing closer to God.

Specialized teaching is provided during the regular school day in fields such as physical education, Spanish, computer technology, music, art, robotics and life skills.

Another key component of the elementary program is to maintain a strong partnership with parents. Parents are invited to be involved at school in a wide variety of areas. A dynamic method of staying in touch with parents is done through all-school weekly newsletters, weekly teacher communications, and emails as needed throughout the week.

In addition to its excellent traditional kindergarten programs, King’s Elementary offers an outstanding Spanish Immersion Program. This program, focused for English-speaking students, begins in kindergarten. Students have the opportunity to complete the curriculum in a nontraditional way – by immersing them in the Spanish language and culture. Students become proficient in both Spanish and English, while learning the same curriculum content as their peers in the traditional English classrooms. Click here to learn more.