Spiritual Life

Through their experiences inside and outside the classroom, students develop a strong spirituality and learn how to apply their faith to practical living. We are committed to the integration of faith and learning. Students receive daily Bible instruction, attend Kids Praise services, and have many opportunities to put their faith in action by participating in missions and community service opportunities.

KIDS Praise

Through our multi-grade KIDS Praise services, we hope that your children will develop a desire to love and honor God more deeply as they are experiencing God’s truth. Students of all ages are given multiple opportunities to lead and actively praise God through vocal and instrumental music, prayer and scripture reading. It is our privilege to have a variety of professional speakers come from both our local church communities and within our CRISTA community to share God’s authentic, daily transformational experiences with our students.

Parents are always invited to participate in KIDS Praise! Join us and be inspired as we praise God together!

Watch a wonderful video of our Spring Break 2017 La Casa mission trip to Mexico.