Student Life

Included in King’s Elementary curriculum are activities that enrich and expand student life both on and off campus. All students have the opportunity to learn from our specialists in the areas of health sciences and physical education, Spanish, technology, robotics, life skills, art and vocal and instrumental music.

Students also have activities designed to enhance current curriculum through professionals who visit our campus to enrich the lives of our students, such as:

  • Taproot Theatre Productions
  • City of Shoreline Representatives
  • National and Local Authors
  • Reptile Man
  • International Students and School Groups
  • CRISTA Community Representatives
  • Local Pastors and Youth Leaders

DISCOVERY Fridays bring exciting STEAM concentrated opportunities to all students in the areas of science, technology, math, engineering, robotics, art and music. These classes enrich, enhance and inspire students in hands-on inquiry learning experiences.

We begin in Kindergarten, preparing students to lead by offering a rich variety of opportunities, such as camera technicians or anchors on the school TV station, leading KIDS Praise and Worship, safety patrol, student store, student ambassadors, building monitors, library or technology lab assistants, mission and service projects, the Green Team and the list goes on!

Extended Learning Trips

Getting out into our community is an important part of education today and extended learning trips are a great way to do just that. They are designed to give students an opportunity to learn experimentally, to expand their horizons and apply their classroom learning in tangible ways. Above all, extended learning trips are fun! Here are a few places our students experience:

Museums throughout the greater Seattle area.

  • Children’s Museum
  • Burke Museum
  • Museum of Glass
  • Edmonds Art Galleries
  • Boeing Museum of Flight
  • Nordic Heritage Museum
  • The Challenger Center
  • Olympia Government Trip
  • Retreats at Island Lake
  • Pioneer Farms

Seattle Highlights

  • Aquarium
  • Woodland Park Zoo
  • Pacific Science Center
  • Biringer Farms
  • Willow Creek Salmon Program
  • Boeing Creek
  • Discovery Park
  • Hiram Chittenden Locks
  • Children’s Theatre
  • The Nutcracker Ballet
  • Variety of Theatrical Productions
  • Pike Place Market

Knights of Honor

We love to honor our students! Publicly recognizing and authentically affirming students is a high priority at King’s Elementary – each child is recognized and honored during the year in the Knights of Honor program.

Once each quarter, teachers nominate students from their classes to be honored at KIDS PraiseStudents are introduced to their peers and recognized for their character, desire, hard work and other accomplishments. Every child is acknowledged and no child is missed.

We believe this is just one way to help build self-esteem, affirm character traits and highlight the value of every student in Christ as they are knighted at King’s Elementary.