There are superheroes among us. In the classroom. On the field. Online and on campus. Using their faith, persistence, prayers, and dedication – they are students, faculty, alumni, and parents who have served King’s Schools heroically this year. We think it is time everyone heard their story.  

You are invited to A Night of Heroes, Thursday, April 29th at 7pm. During this online gathering of King’s Schools’ families, alumni, and faculty, we will share inspiring stories from this past year of seeing true Knights throughout our community. We will also share opportunities for our community to give back – improving our students’ learning experience in the classroom through new technology, and strengthening our arts and athletics programs for the upcoming school year.  

Please RSVP for A Night of Heroes so that you can receive a link to watch this community celebration online. This is also a great event to share with family members like grandparents, or for friends that you know might be interested in experiencing the King’s community.  

Most superheroes actions go unnoticed. Please click the button below to share the story of a hero you have seen in action at King’s Schools. This can be students, teachers, coaches, alumni, staff members, volunteers, parents, or any members (past or present) of the King’s community.