Academics and Arts

High School is about discovery. King’s is an outstanding community – the best combination of faculty, academics and inspiration needed to prepare students for college and life beyond!

As a block schedule school, students are enrolled in only a few courses at a time with a total of nine courses over the school year. Class blocks are longer than those on a traditional schedule, allowing for development of deeper understanding into subject matter. There is time in each course for rich discussion, extended labs and project based assessment. Teachers are able to develop a clear understanding of each student’s individual learning needs and challenge students academically. In addition, our classes are similar to college classes so students are prepared for their next academic steps after graduation.

King’s offers 12 AP classes in English, Spanish, studio art, history, math and science. We also offer concurrent college credit in 7 courses and multiple Honor classes in all disciplines.

Developing passion through opportunities and experience is a key for life beyond the high school walls. King’s offers multiple opportunities for real-world skill experience, works diligently to help students develop gifts and interests and promotes balanced experiences with college-prep rigor.

Visual and Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Drama productions at King’s High School draw the school and local community together. High-quality play productions, musicals and improv theater delight participants and audiences alike.

Music programs at King’s allow students to develop talent through training and performance. Ensembles, choir, orchestra and student-directed worship opportunities engage students in high-quality instruction and allow students to utilize their gifts through concerts, outreach in local and global communities and community service.

Visual Arts

King’s has a thriving visual arts department with opportunities in digital photography, drawing and painting, ceramics, graphic design and the study of cultural art from around the world.

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