King’s High School students are in good hands. College planning is a deliberate part of everyday life, whether up front or behind the scenes. By choosing King’s High school, students will be ready for college upon graduation. King’s requirements go above and beyond state standards in almost all subject areas and our student’s graduate having met the requirements for most colleges and universities. Students are encouraged to go above and beyond even these rigorous requirements, adding additional math, science, and foreign language. College planning begins from the first day of a student’s freshman year without them even knowing it!

Freshmen students, new to the high school experience, are scheduled into appropriate classes where they are taught critical thinking skills essential to college life. Although “official” college planning has not yet begun, students are meeting the college readiness requirements each day in the classroom.

Sophomore students continue with academic rigors. In the fall, they take the PLAN, a practice form of the ACT college entrance assessment. A counselor meets with each student to discuss their results and to encourage them in course selection and extracurricular accomplishments. Students are encouraged to include college visits in their family vacation plans and to begin looking at ideal college demographics (i.e. size, location, religious affiliation, etc.). At the end of their sophomore year, students and parents are introduced to Naviance, the college planning program utilized by King’s High School. Students are able to search, compare, and build college lists through this incredible online tool.

Junior students meet with the college counselor one-on-one and in small groups after taking the PSAT in October to set up their college file and to narrow down their college search. Juniors are encouraged to visit college fairs, receive monthly newsletters outlining college planning, and receive bulleted emails about important college dates, events, etc. Juniors are encouraged to take the SAT and ACT in the spring and to begin completing college applications over the summer. We also encourage them to have a completed resume before beginning their senior year. Naviance is a key to successful college planning.

Senior students discuss the application process and deadlines with their counselors at senior retreat. Students meet one-on-one with their counselors to finalize their college file and make certain all applications are complete. Financial Aid Night provides students and families with resources regarding their college dollars, and student and parents receive monthly letters to aid with planning. Bi-monthly emails called “Short, Sweet, and to the Point” keep students on track and up to date.