King’s High School FAQ’s

What is the contact information for the high school Administrators?

Principal: Bob Ruhlman 206-546-7245
Assistant Principal Rick Skeen 206-546-7245
Academic Dean Corinne Nield 206-546-7284
9th and 10th grade Charissa Matthias 206-289-7769
College Counselor Heather Urie 206-546-7284
College Counselor Diana Fairchild 206-546-7521
Assistant to the Principal 206-546-7245
Performing Arts Coordinator Mary Hudon

How and when are academic course schedules created?

Students select intended courses each year through a pre-registration process. A master schedule is then built to accommodate student need and elective choices. Once the master schedule is set, students grades 10-12 create individual schedules, working with counseling staff to keep balance and graduation requirements at the forefront. The counseling staff individually schedules all 9th-grade students. Schedules are generally mailed home at the beginning of August and can be viewed on RenWeb (student/parent information system).

Can schedules be changed?

Every effort is given to provide balanced, appropriately rigorous schedules for students. Priority will always be given to core academic courses and graduation requirements. If there is an academic rationale for a schedule change, counselors will do their best to accommodate a change request.

How does my student get into honors and AP classes?

All honors and AP courses require an application, due shortly before spring break. Students and parents are encouraged to consider balance, appropriate academic rigor for individual learners and student interest when applying for honors and Advanced Placement courses.

What happens if my student starts an honors class and it is too difficult?

Students have 4 days into each semester to change schedules. After this time, counselors work individually with students to assess the appropriateness and availability of course changes.

What are the dress code standards?

King’s High School highlights the appropriateness of dress for the school environment. Specifics are available in the Student Handbook. the high school Dean is available to meet with students when concerns arise and works individually to help guide students when clarification is necessary.

How do students know when assignments are due?

Each classroom will establish and communicate the location of assignment due dates, as well as submission requirements. In many courses, OneNote will play a vital role in classroom communication.

Are community service hours required?

Community service is giving time without pay to an individual, group, or nonprofit organization in need of assistance. As part of the 9th-12th grade Bible curriculum, students are encouraged to give 40 hours each year serving those who are in need in their community.

How can I keep track of my child’s academic progress?

King’s Schools uses a totally integrated web based software program called RenWeb to track academic progress for each student. The “ParentsWeb” portion of RenWeb is specifically designed for parents to follow their student’s progress, attendance and assignments.

How frequently are grades updated?

We ask teachers to update grades within one week of the time that assignments are turned in. More complex assignments, like major essays or projects, may take longer for teachers to evaluate.

What is the best way to contact teachers?

Email is the best form of communication. All King’s Schools employees can be reached by typing their first initial and last name (no spaces) followed by @kingsschools.org. For example, Mr. Skeen can be reached at rskeen@kingsschools.org.