Spiritual Life

A Relevant Spiritual Life

Spiritual formation at King’s High School is not a program that can be separated out from the curriculum; it’s a part of everyday life. Academics, the arts, athletics, technology, and even lunch are all part of our spiritual lives when life is approached with a Biblical worldview.

Through chapel programs, Bible studies, mentoring groups, community service opportunities, mission trips and many more activities, we are able to expose our students to the goodness and the relevancy of God.


Students and teachers are unified in a chapel service each week in our main campus gathering. During this time, gifted outside speakers and student-led worship challenge and encourage students.

Community Service

Students at every grade level participate in mission opportunities locally and abroad. The activities span from collecting food for the homeless in Seattle to building a home for a poor family in Honduras during spring break. Other spring break trips have included Israel, the Dominican Republic, Russia and Guatemala.