Student Support

Academic Services

King’s High School seeks to support the learning needs of students. King’s recognizes the need for certain academic accommodations for students with documented learning disabilities and deficits. A student plan outlining specific accommodations as determined based on educational testing and counselors work with students, parents and teachers will provide support.


The counseling team at King’s High School provides support for students academically, developmentally, emotionally and physically. The counseling program is committed to walking alongside of students and families through cognitive, social, psychological and emotional development of the whole student through prevention, intervention and support. Counseling guidance includes personal counseling, referrals, academic support, requirement tracking with the goal of helping students reach their fullest potential.

Alex Kuyper
9th and 10th Grade Counselor

Heather Urie
11th and 12th Grade Counselor

College Planning

King’s High School students are in good hands. College planning is a deliberate part of everyday life, whether up front or behind the scenes. By choosing King’s High School, students will be ready for college upon graduation. King’s requirements go beyond state standards in almost all subject areas and our student’s graduate having met the requirements for most colleges and universities. Students are encouraged to excel beyond even these rigorous requirements, adding additional math, science and foreign language. Individual support and planning are a common part of daily high school life, along with the use of the college search and planning tool Naviance. College visits and fairs on the campus allow students firsthand experience with admissions advisors and recruiters. King’s is committed to guiding students as they navigate the best-fit post-high school experience. Click here for more information on college planning by grade and what colleges our students go on to attend.

Diana Fairchild
College Counselor

International Student Support

The international office supports international students, families and host families during their time at King’s Schools. We provide academic, language, cultural, extracurricular, and homestay resources to all parties to make sure our international students are cared for holistically as they live out the American primary and secondary school experience and grow into their third-culture identity.

Mary Hudon
International Student Coordinator