Expanding Their Worlds – Students Soak up King’s Spanish Immersion

December 12, 2018

Our world is more multilingual and multicultural than ever before. The Spanish Immersion program at King’s Elementary is preparing students for a diverse society. Studies show that the earlier a child is exposed to a second language, the greater the likelihood they will gain proficiency at an early age. Now in its third year, students in the Spanish Immersion program are experiencing the many benefits that come along with a dual-language education and parents are noticing.

Josh and Lindsey McCorkle enrolled their daughter in the program when it first began in 2016.  “Spanish immersion is a unique opportunity for very young children to expand their world,” Josh said. “Language skills are connection skills, which deepen the education experience and have the potential to deepen social experiences as well as faith experiences. Even just a couple years in, our daughter slips into speaking Spanish at times and it is a joy to hear her. We couldn’t be happier with the program!”

Julia Gonzalez, the Spanish Immersion Kindergarten teacher, is astounded by the strides the program is off to. “As I look into the faces of my eager kindergarteners, all native English speakers, I marvel. By the end of sixth grade, they will be proficient Spanish language speakers.”

The benefits of immersion programs include positive effects in cognitive development, cross-cultural understanding, and higher test scores in math and literacy. Bilingual skills such as these are in high demand, and through the Spanish Immersion program, King’s Schools is equipping students with these capabilities.

“Students learn core academics in the target language,” Mrs. Gonzalez shared. “As students acquire the language, they also acquire opportunities of all kinds. Future diplomats? Missionaries in the making? God alone knows. For now, it is enough that these young learners delight in a language that is becoming less ‘foreign’ every day.”