King’s Junior High

A Place to Grow

King’s Junior High is a place where students grow. Rigorous academics, leadership training, and sportsmanship all create a structured, nurturing community where students mature beyond the elementary years and prepare for high school.

Guidance from teachers is critical at this stage of a student’s life. Students and alumni point to our teachers as the reason for King’s success. Our teachers have proven to be exemplary role models and accredited educators who have a passion for Christian education. The teaching staff follows King’s high-quality academic curriculum and effectively bridges the gap between elementary and high school academics.

An important aspect of King’s Junior High is The Armor. The Armor is a way of life at King’s Jr. High—a way of living, leading, and serving in our school community. Through small mentor groups, volunteer opportunities, and leadership training, The Armor leads students towards the words in Ephesians 6 to “put on the armor of God” in order to grow, serve, and lead abundantly.

Sports programs at King’s Junior High inspire interested students to try new activities, open the door to work towards high athletic performance and allow students to develop sportsmanship, lasting friendships and fond memories.

The junior high years can be some of the toughest years children face. At King’s, we do everything possible to ensure each child is cared for and given the opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually, spend valuable time with friends, and succeed academically.