Armor Program

King’s Knights Armor

At King’s Schools, our mission is to inspire hearts and equip minds for God’s glory. Our commitment to this mission has led us to The Armor. God’s Word teaches us to “put on the armor of God” in order to grow, serve, and lead abundantly. Our hope is that The Armor will encourage and inspire these traits in King’s Junior High students to the glory of God.

The Armor Mission

Through The Armor, King’s Junior High Students will grow in faith, knowledge and wisdom while serving compassionately and leading courageously.

The Armor Components


Students grow through experiencing new challenges, deepening their faith, and increasing academic knowledge. Opportunities for growth include single-gender classes, small groups, the 7th grade Armor Blast and the 8th grade Armor Adventure.

Single Gender Classes will be scheduled for students in both grades in core academic classes such as reading, writing, math and science. Elective classes will be taught in a co-ed environment.

The 7th Grade Armor Blast is an extended day retreat where students are challenged and encouraged.

The 8th Grade Armor Adventure is a three-day adventure trip to Stonewater Ranch in Leavenworth, Washington. During this time, students will bond as a group, experience the great outdoors, study and practice specific leadership skills, set goals and push personal limits and spend time in spiritual reflection.

Additional growing opportunities include participating in athletics, bible studies, chapel, and enrichment courses.


Students serve God by serving others in their school, churches and in the greater community. Service opportunities include assisting with athletic programs, giving time to local churches and volunteering with community organizations.


Students become leaders worth following by developing valuable leadership skills. Students will enhance their leadership skills by participating in student-led conferences, supporting the arts and athletics, leading Chapel worship, participating in Chapel team, leading as part of Armor Council and being a productive member of the Leadership Class elective.