How does the school communicate important information?

  • The King’s Junior High Newsletter is emailed home at the beginning of each month. It contains important dates and information related to all aspects of Jr. High life.
  • RenWeb is the all-school information website for homework, sports schedules, tuition information, etc.
  • Email is the quickest way to communicate with teachers as not all teachers have telephones in their rooms. A complete list of email addresses will be available on Parent Information Night.

What is Parent Information Night?

Parent Information Night is held the first full week of school each semester. Parents meet in Schirmer Auditorium for general information and then go to individual classes to meet the teachers and receive an overview of the class.

How can I check my student’s academic progress?

  • Renweb gives parents 24-hour online access to their student’s grades in each class. Please call the office for login information.
  • Report cards are e-mailed home approximately one week after the grading period ends.
  • Parents can always contact teachers via email at any time if a concern arises.

Are there parent conferences for Jr. High parents?

There are two conference days scheduled per year – one in October and one in February. Conferences are student led and take place on one day, allowing your students and you to meet with all of your student’s teachers in the same time frame.

Why are core classes taught “single gender”?

Research shows and our experience supports the philosophy that we can maximize the learning potential of our students by teaching girls and boys separately. All of our core classes are taught single gender. Electives, chapel and lunch are co-ed experiences.

What is the Armor?

The Armor is the King’s Jr. High mentor program. Every student is placed into a small mentor group with an adult leader. Students participate in either the Extreme Armor or Armor Adventure, monthly mentor meetings, and service projects in their mentor groups. Mentor meetings focus on spiritual encouragement, leadership training and character development.

What is Extreme Armor?

Extreme Armor is an overnight experience for 7th graders at Island Lake Camp in Poulsbo. It is the kick off to the Armor Mentor program. Students participate in paintball, motocross, high ropes, boating and other team building activities. It’s a great way to reconnect with old friends and build new relationships.

What is Armor Adventure?

The Armor Adventure is the 8th grade kick-off to the Armor mentoring program. It is a four-day camping adventure at Stonewater Ranch in Leavenworth. Students participate in rock climbing, river kayaking, hiking, horseback riding and other team building activities. Students are challenged physically and spiritually. It’s a great time to bond and look ahead to a great 8th grade year.

Are there any social functions for Jr. High students?

The 7th graders participate in the overnight Extreme Armor and the 8th graders participate in the four-day Armor Adventure, both held in September. June brings the 8th Grade retreat and the 7th Grade Spring Fling, and the Awards Ceremony and yearbook signing party take place on the last day of school.

Which sports are offered in Jr. High?

  • Fall Sports: football and cross country (boys); volleyball and cross country (girls)
  • Winter Sports: Basketball (boys & girls); Soccer (girls)
  • Spring Sports: Track (boys & girls)

What opportunities are offered for community service?

  • Students are required to complete 20 hours of community service for their Bible class. Students must complete three hours of service for King’s Schools, five hours for their church or community, and the other 12 hours can be any combination.
  • Students may complete their service-hour requirements during the summer. We highly recommend this option, as many students choose to work with their summer church programs. There are some opportunities for earning service hours on campus: sports teams need score keepers, teachers have special projects, CRISTA Nursing Center has some volunteer opportunities and the Armor program allows kids to earn three hours of service. Churches and food banks are other great places to serve. Details related to this project are given in Bible class.

Where can I pick up and drop off my student?

Parents can pick up and drop off their children in front of the main administration building or behind the Jr. High building in the King’s Garden Gym parking lot.

What if I can’t pick up my student by 3:00?

Students can stay in the Jr. High lounge after school. They are not directly supervised, but there are teachers in the building. Students must leave the building by 4:00 p.m. when the office closes.

What are the lunch options?

Students can bring their lunch or purchase a hot lunch. Lunch accounts are set up through My School Bucks. There are several hot lunch menu choices each day. There is also a student store where a la cart items can be purchased for cash. Students can eat their lunch in the cafeteria or outside on one of the terraces. We have a “closed campus” policy, so students are not allowed to leave the campus for lunch.