Following an extensive nationwide search, we are thrilled to welcome Erick Streelman as the new Head of School for King’s.  

Having grown up attending a Christian school that felt like family, Erick continued his education at the University of Nevada, earning a bachelor’s degree in education and an MBA with the intention of going into Christian education. He has 17 years of experience in Christian school administration.  

“Christian education was so effective for me,” Erick said. “I attended a public university with 20,000 students and I was more prepared, ready to face the challenges of the world, and more secure in my identity than most of my classmates. I wasn’t swayed by professors who told me Genesis was a myth. My faith and Christian worldview were baked into me.”  

As a Christian school educator and administrator on the West Coast, Erick has been familiar with King’s for years. During a tenure as Athletics Director at Archbishop Murphy High School, he said, “I learned what most of you already know—there’s something different about people at King’s. I’ve seen it in the staff, faculty, teachers, coaches, administrators, and families in this community. So, when the opportunity came up to apply for the Head of School at King’s I felt a clear prompting of the Holy Spirit to pursue the chance to be part of what God is already doing here.”  

As Head of School, Erick sees his primary role as empowering teachers and staff as they disciple the next generation of leaders. His number one priority for King’s is that every person in our community will live out their calling as a disciple of Christ. That means commitment to The Great Commission, of which education is a unique vehicle.   

“King’s is a special place because we define excellence differently,” Erick explained. “Excellence at King’s is not simply being outstanding academically … that’s not enough. Excellence is an education that disciples students. Excellence is an education where we equip the next generation of leaders. Excellence is an education where students are challenged to step into their call as followers of Jesus Christ and they are built up spiritually as well as academically. We want students to graduate with all the tools in their toolbelt to go and make a difference in the world. Everything we do is done in worship. We want to be great because God has called us to that.”