Staff Directory

Inspiration Happens With Exceptional Staff

Our teachers have been teaching at King’s an average of 13 years, and thirty-one percent of them have graduate degrees. King’s teachers are active Christians in their home churches and in the community, making them positive role models for King’s students of all ages.

Administration Staff

King’s Schools Head of School
Eric Rasmussen:

Executive Assistant to Head of School
Jo Keeley:

Business Director
Wentina Hurtado, CPA:

Financial Aid & Billing Accounts Coordinator
Ligaya Good Avila:

Business Office Assistant/DSO
Shirley Alexander:

Director of Marketing & Admissions
Sally Ralston:

Marketing Strategist
Joclyn Kirton:

Admissions Coordinator
Sarah Christensen:

Admissions Assistant
Teri Clowers:

International Student Coordinators
Amanda Hostetler:
Joyce Tang:

Alumni Coordinator
Deborah Siers:

Transportation Director
Stan Bear:

Transportation Assistant
Patricia Malone:

Learning Environment Coordinator
Juanita Alcaraz Thompson:

Faculty Technology Coordinator
David Harcrow:

Community Resource Specialist
Alvin Little:

Family Donor Representative
Julie Washburn:

Preschool Staff

King’s Preschool – (206) 546-7263

Jessica Scanzon:

Assistant Principal
Angel Kim:

Executive Assistant
Elise Sizer:

Elementary Staff

King’s Elementary School – (206) 546-7258

Evelyn Huling:

Associate Principal (K-3)
Xanasha Rose:

Associate Principal (4-6)
Jordan Gage:

Administrative Assistant
Marie de Langen:

Elementary Secretary
Holly von Seggern:

School Nurse
Elizabeth Thomas:

Elementary School Counselor
Laura Vos:

King’s Kids Club Coordinator
Kim Gillies:

Junior High Staff

King’s Junior High School – (206) 546-7243

Junior High Principal
Jordana Halkett:

Assistant to the Junior High Principal
Janet Hicks:

Academic Services Coordinator
Teri Peterson:

Claire Folkins:

High School Staff

King’s High School – (206) 546-7241

High School Principal
Bob Ruhlman:

Assistant to the High School Principal
Jin You:

High School Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Rick Skeen:

Academic Dean
Corrine Nield:

High School Counselor (Grades 9 and 10)
Alex Kuyper:

High School Counselor (Grades 11 and 12)
Heather Urie:

College Counselor
Diana Fairchild:

High School Office Secretary/Registrar
Nancy White:

High School Attendance/Finance Secretary
Sue Blackmer:

Performing Arts Coordinator
Mary Hudon: