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Academics & Arts

King’s Preschool Program & Curriculum

Our classrooms and daily activities are created for children to thrive in love, learning and developmental growth! King’s Preschool provides an integrated approach to teaching, incorporating our faith into every aspect of our curriculum and daily instruction. Our goal is to plant a seed of God’s truth and love in each child’s heart, helping them to develop a secure identity in Christ. 

Our experienced teachers plan and implement creative lessons each day. Each day starts with a time for Morning Devotion. A learning circle is also guided by teachers, where students explore number and letter concepts through our Handwriting without Tears curriculum. Thematic concepts are presented using the Project Approach. In addition to our large group circle times, the following materials and centers can be found in each of our classrooms, accessible for students during their guided center play times. Each center is carefully planned with your child’s growth and development in mind. 

Art/Writing Center 
A variety of art and writing materials are provided at this center to allow children to manipulate objects and explore their creativity. This center is designed to give children the opportunity to develop, create, process, and work through their own plans and ideas. Teachers guide children in these centers to develop their language and communication skills through the process of art and writing, allowing children to become confident and proud of their accomplishments and choices. 

Hardwood Block Center 
Children have the opportunity to construct and create, while they explore basic math concepts such as shapes and spatial representation, explore weight and size, make creative decisions about how to make that tower wider or taller, problem solve, and gain self-help skills. 

Science/Math/Discovery Center 
Children learn how to investigate and explore their natural environment by examining various objects that are found on nature walks or items that are introduced by the teacher to enrich their learning. Cooking projects and science experiments provide an interactive and hands-on approach to learning about nutrition, chemistry, and measurements. 

Dramatic Play Center 
At this center, children are able to take on different roles and recreate real-life experiences while building their vocabulary and social skills through cooperation and community play. 

Reading/Library Center 
Teachers guide children to grow a love for reading and gain knowledge through the written word by reading interactive books and encouraging children to ask and answer questions about what they are reading and learning about. Exposure and deliberate teaching of letters and opportunities to write at the center also build children’s pre-writing and pre-reading skills. 

Specialty Classes 
In addition to our centers and circle times, our Afternoon Specialty Classes such as Dance, Music, Drama, Art, and Language reinforce and enrich the concepts and lessons taught in the classroom. Monthly visits to CRISTA Assisted Living and King’s Elementary, Jr. High and High School also provide children the opportunity to learn from intergenerational experiences. 

Outdoor Play 
Regularly scheduled times for Outdoor Play allow children to engage in a variety of structured and unstructured large motor activities. Children can take risks, play cooperative games, breathe in fresh air, and exercise their hearts and minds. On rainy days we have the added blessing of having a large indoor gym where children can continue to move their muscles and get much needed daily physical exercise for their growing bodies. 

Service Projects  
As a part of King’s Schools and CRISTA Ministries, students at King’s Preschool have access to many different resources on campus. Every Friday, we devote time for service projects on campus, to serve others in practical ways. Our students also benefit from interacting with grandmas and grandpas at Assisted Living, reading books with King’s Elementary reading buddies, enjoying puppet/drama experiences with King’s Junior High students, listening to King’s High School choir students, creating ceramic art with King’s High School students, serving the poor via World Concern, and much more!