Many elementary schools sponsor retreats for students who are moving on to middle school or junior high. These retreats are designed to close one stage of life and usher in a new. They often focus on teamwork, unity and how to handle the pressure that can come with moving up to a new school.

At King’s, students are also encouraged in their journey toward becoming a man or woman of God. Classmates participate in team building activities and follow-up discussions and hear words of encouragement from teachers and principals, but what do they really take away from these retreats? We asked 15 King’s 6th-graders what they learned. Here are their answers:

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  1. “While at the retreat, I learned from Mrs. Halkett (Jr. High Principal) that being different isn’t always bad and that you need other people… you can’t live life on your own.”
  2.  “When I fill others’ buckets, mine gets filled as well.”
  3. “I learned the importance of working together as a group and communicating with each other.”
  4. “I learned that teamwork can solve all types of problems.”
  5. “You can help others and put others up as well as be a humble leader.”
  6. “Communication is key.”
  7. “One thing I feel is God nudging me to help out someone next year, whether it’s helping them find a class or sitting with a new student during lunch.”
  8. “During Mr. Croutworst’s talk (Jr. High Bible Teacher), I was challenged with being a good man of God and doing what is right with courage.”
  9. “I feel like God is nudging me to be more caring for others and to somehow make others happy.”
  10. “I learned about lifting people up when they are down because you never know what they are feeling.”
  11. “Without a team you are incapable of doing things.”
  12. “No matter what, you can make a difference.”
  13. “I learned that you must do everything you can to fill other’s buckets.”
  14. “I feel like God is nudging me to be a minister of Christ in all I do.”
  15. “I was challenged to step out of my bubble.”

We’d love to hear what other students took away from the retreat in the comments section below!

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