King’s Schools summer Academic & Enrichment Camps are the perfect opportunities to have your student hone a skill or try something new! With new and interesting camps held each week between June and August, you’re sure to find fun, engaging activities for your student all summer long!

Create Your Own Movie!$150

Gain a basic to advanced understanding on how to film and then turn it into an amazing video to share with your friends. Vegas Movie Studio and Windows Movie Maker will be the software used and you will learn to edit, add images, and manipulate your video and your sounds. You will be able to learn a skill using today’s technology and amazing media tools that you can use for a lifetime! Equipment will be supplied, but you may bring in your own video cameras to learn how to use them.   This class is located in the Junior High Computer Lab in the Bundrant Ness Building, #104.

Instructor: Jeff Wright, King’s Junior High Teacher

Session / Dates Time Entering Grades
July 24-28 9am-noon 4-8 Register

Chess Club$175

Learn the game! The benefits of knowing and playing chess are many, increased math skills, concentration, memory, and problem-solving skills to name a few!

Instructor: Matt Fleury, Professional Chess Coach, highly ranked United States Chess Foundation Coach

Session / Dates Time Entering Grades
July 31-Aug 4 10am-noon K-6 Register
August 7-11 10am-noon K-6 Register

Singapore Math Club$325

This full day activity-based camp is designated to stimulate your child’s interest in Math by making it easy to understand, fun and exciting.  It is an activities-based camp filled with fun games, craft, experiments, projects, worksheets and outdoor play time.  Strengthen Math concepts, Math facts and Computation skills by learning different Math topics each day.  Strong focus on learning problem solving strategies and developing critical thinking abilities through “Mind Bender” activities.  Please provide a snack and lunch for your child each day.  The two Math Clubs are non-repetitive.

Instructor: Luan Collison, Singapore Math Club Educator

Session / Dates Time Entering Grades
August 7-11 9am-4pm K-3 Register
August 14-18 9am-4pm K-3 Register

I <3 Math!$150

We are going to have a blast playing with numbers this week! Using board games, iPad apps, scavenger hunts, and more, let’s flex our math muscles together.

Instructor: Mrs. Rachel White, King’s Elmentary Second Grade Teacher

Session / Dates Time Entering Grades
July 10-14 9:30-11:30 AM 1-3 Register

Kindergarten Readiness$175

Children learn reading readiness skills and participate in phonemic awareness activities that prepare them for beginning phonics. They are introduced to basic literacy awareness necessary for building comprehension, and enjoy books together.

Instructor: Sarah Penner, King’s Academic Specialist

Session / Dates Time Entering Grades
August 14-18 9am-11am (maximum 6) Kindergarten Register

1st Grade Reading and Writing$175

Children will review letter names and sounds as they participate in activities designed to develop successful letter sounding, word recognition, sentence writing, and beginning reading. Writing and art activities will be incorporated to further develop reading and comprehension skills.

Instructor: Sarah Penner, King’s Elementary Academic Specialist.

Session / Dates Time Entering Grades
August 7-11 9am-11am (maximum 6) 1 Register

2nd & 3rd Grade Reading and Writing$175

Students review and practice basic phonics foundation principles, begin to build a sight vocabulary of high frequency words at grade level, increase fluency, and improve comprehension strategies while enjoying grade level stories, and participate in writing and art activities.

Instructor: Sarah Penner, King’s Elementary Academic Specialist.

Session / Dates Time Entering Grades
August 7-11 1-3pm (maximum 6) 2-3 Register

Fun with Spanish Immersion Camp (K-1)$150

Want to introduce your child to Spanish or shore up their developing language skills? King’s will offer a one week Spanish Immersion camp which will be geared to students in K-1 grades. We will use songs, dance and other activities in order to expose new learners to the language as well as to reinforce the skills of those with a beginning understanding of Spanish. Students will also be asked to bring fruit or crackers for our daily snack time. Srta. Gonzalez, King’s Kindergarten Spanish Immersion teacher. Maximum 15

Session / Dates Time Entering Grades
June 26 – 29 10am-Noon K-1 Register

Camp Pokémon$150

Calling all Pokémon Trainers! Spend a week exploring art with Abras, science with Squirtles, math with Mews, and reading and writing with Raichus! Wear your favorite Pokémon gear and get ready for some creative and fun activities all week long. We will finish with a scavenger hunt! Gotta Catch ‘em All! Maximum 14

Instructor: Mrs. Leah Haney, King’s Elmentary First Grade Teacher

Session / Dates Time Entering Grades
June 20 – 23 10am-Noon 2-4 Register

Minecraft Mania$225

Think Minecraft is just a video game? Think again. Create, explore, and put your problem-solving skills to the test by building an adventure map and resource packs at this exciting week of tech focused camp. Take control of your world with command blocks and redstone. Many schools–even universities–are adopting the Minecraft platform to help with reading writing, math and science but let’s tell our kids it’s a video game, okay? Maximum 20

Instructor: Smart with Art

Session / Dates Time Entering Grades
July 24-28 10am-Noon 2-6 Register

Girl Power Robotics$150

Girls just wanna have fun with STEM. Using EV3 Lego kits, let’s rock some robotics, girls!

Instructor: Mrs. Rachel White, King’s Elementary Second Grade Teacher

Session / Dates Time Entering Grades
July 10-14 1-3 PM 2-5 (Girls Only) Register

The Mysterious Portal$210

The Mysterious Portal (for Harry Potter fans) Elementary students will stretch their creativity and confidence while putting on a play complete with costumes and props. A portal has been opened and magic beings are running the halls of Merlina Academy. How will Alistaira and her classmates conquer the wizards when magic hasn’t been used in 200 years? Join a fun cast of characters: wizards, unicorns, dwarves, elves, and phoenixes as they fight for their lives and the world as they know it.

Instructor: Stone Soup Theatre

Session / Dates Time Entering Grades
July 17-21 9 AM – 12 PM 2-6 Register

It’s Good2BGirl! $175

Grab your friends & join us in celebrating the fact that it’s wonderful, amazing…and Good2BGirl! Explore your dreams and God-given gifts, and have fun with hands-on exercises that help you navigate your true identity, self-worth and over-all AMAZING female design. We’ll dive into friendships and the 4-C’s: Comparison & Competition vs Compassion & Connection. We leave space for play and exploration through dream boards, doodle-journalling, F.L.I.P, and more…

Instructors: Tina Rolfs and April Haberman, Co-Founders Good2BGirl

Session / Dates Time Entering Grades
Aug 14-17 9 AM – 12 PM 5-6 (Girls only) Register

Storybook Cooking$175

Students will participate in an interactive storytelling and then prepare a happy ending through cooking. Miss Kelly will share a classic or contemporary tale with student involvement through props, activities and songs. Then each child will learn to prepare different creative recipes from healthy snacks, desserts and more! Your child’s eatable masterpiece will be a tasty delight that matches the theme of the tale. This class is nut free. Sign up as this class is sure to fill up quickly! Maximum: 8-10.

Instructor: Miss Kelly, Owner of Tangerine Tales

Session / Dates Time Entering Grades
July 31 – August 4 9:00am – Noon 1-3 Register