Knight Fund Message

I am excited to share in the wonderful opportunities we have to make a difference in students’ lives. The Knight Fund is part of this, equipping every student, every day through the gift of financial aid. We never want finances to hinder a family from attending King’s, and your gift to the Knight Fund is so important!

Going on my fourth year serving King’s Schools, I am constantly impressed by the caliber of men and women who are being raised up for Christ in a caring community. Students are graduating with real-world experience, a strong faith foundation, and friends that will last a lifetime.

King’s is committed to academic excellence with a higher purpose in mind. This heart for God and people changes every person who walks onto our campus. I am excited to join you and continue this legacy, as generations of students become inspired and equipped to bring God glory.

Thank you for joining me this year by supporting the Knight Fund.

Christy Wolyniak
206-546-7305 |