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King's Elementary School

Inspiring a love for lifelong learning

Students in elementary school are curious about life, eager to experiment and learn new things, and excited to share their knowledge with others. As a Private Christian elementary school in Shoreline, WA, King’s teachers foster a culture of creativity, collaboration, analytical thinking, problem solving, and social responsibility. 


At King’s, a private Christian elementary school, one lesson builds upon another so knowledge is gained systematically and skills are acquired according to a child’s developmental level. We teach facts and figures, but more than that, we teach children how to think and how to learn.  

Specialists in Fine Arts, Spanish, Physical & Health Sciences, Social Responsibility, Life Skills, Technology, and Robotics all add variety and depth to our curriculum.

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Our goal at King’s is to teach, mentor, equip, and disciple students to be in relationship with Jesus Christ. As a Christian Elementary School, we do this through teaching biblical literacy, equipping students to embrace their identity in Christ, and discipleship. Our teachers are called, caring individuals that believe and have professed their personal faith in Jesus Christ. The King’s educational experience distinguishes the Bible as supreme authority in life and equips our students to be leaders able to live out their faith as a practical demonstration of God’s love.

King’s Elementary School


Our goal is to teach students to communicate accurately and effectively. Literacy is our top priority as students learn to spell through phonetic awareness and structural spelling patterns, write creatively and persuasively, listen and speak with intentionality, access resources through research, and become comfortable with the library system while gaining a love of reading. Spanish adds another dimension of literacy and cultural appreciation for our students.


Science: With inquiry-based strategies and increasing complexity, students gain investigative skills as they study God’s creation – the earth, solar system, animals, and human body.

Technology: Students learn increasingly complex programs and skills through assigned projects that teach them how to use technology.

Engineering: From simple machines to Robotics, students learn to design, construct, implement, and systematize while participating in activities such as Geocaching, Mindstorm robots, and real-world challenges.

Mathematics: Skills and concepts in arithmetic are learned in ability-based math groups leading to an understanding of increasingly higher mathematics, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Social Sciences

Social Studies: Students learn the history and geography of the world, gain an understanding of the United States government, and engage in other cultures through research, drama, and art.

Health Sciences and Physical Education: Students learn the elements of a healthy lifestyle, increase physical skills and fitness, and gain skills in teamwork, cooperation and communication through sports, games, and activities.

Life Skills and Social Responsibility: Students learn to communicate effectively, navigate challenges socially, engage with digital media in an ethical and safe way, and behave with respect and kindness toward others.

King’s Elementary School

Fine Arts


Students actively participate in creative art forms and gain art literacy as they learn about the history, genres, and styles of art.


Students participate in vocal music throughout elementary school and instrumental music in grades 4-6. Basic skills are introduced with opportunity for growth and mastery throughout their elementary experience.

King’s Elementary School

Before & After Student Care

King’s Kids Club (KKC) is a before and after school program that warmly welcomes King’s families from Seattle, WA and beyond, with children between ages 5-12. By providing a familiar and convenient on-campus program, King’s parents can rest easy knowing their children are academically, socially, and spiritually engaged before and after school. Students love spending time with their friends at KKC and often ask their parents to allow them to come.

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King’s Elementary School

Expanded Learning Opportunities

Students engage in innovative, enriching lab opportunities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Robotics, Art, and Music. Team taught, every lab enhances and inspires students though hands-on inquiry. Parents are encouraged to participate, observe, and assist teachers. Students STEM-ologists in K-3 rotate as a class through 2 creative labs and 4-6 self-select labs from courses taught by teachers and specialists. Sample labs include:

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade

  • Explore Shapes and Colors
  • Journey through Space on iPads
  • NASA Exploration Design Challenge
  • Math Around the World
  • Marvelous Math
  • Ice Cold Chemistry
  • We Do Robotics
  • Amazing Aviation: Blast Off with Rockets!
  • Blockbuster Buildings!
  • Bridge Construction
  • Sink or Float?
  • Design a Spinning Top
  • Tornado in a Bottle!
  • Rethink and Reuse!
  • Construct 3D Puzzles!
  • Lego Merry-Go-Rounds!

4th-6th Grade

  • 3D CAD with Sketch Up Make!
  • Bubbleology & Oobleck: Bubble Technology
  • Mock Trial: Guilty or Innocent?
  • EduCaching: GPS/Smart Devices
  • KELM News: Journalists, Producers, Videographers
  • STEM City: Urban design and Engineering
  • Everyone Plays: Game Play and Exploration
  • Scratch: Animation
  • Dare to Design
  • Robotics: NXT Robots and Beyond
  • Minecraft: Imagination is the only limit!
  • Math Olympics: Team Challenges
  • Catapult into STEM: Design, Construct, Engineer
  • Make Some Noise: Song Writing and Digital Music
  • Instrumental Music: High School Mentors
  • Mission Possible
  • Weird Science: Manipulating Properties
  • Art: Recreate, Recycle, Repurpose


Students help and serve locally, regionally, and globally. This connects their faith to real life needs and solutions with the goal of developing lifelong habits of empathy and generosity. Our service opportunities include:

  • Shoreline neighborhood cleanup
  • Meal packaging for third-world countries
  • Preschool reading and tech partnering
  • Blessing bags for CRISTA Senior Living
  • Food and clothing drives
  • Home building in Mexico

Each grade level participates in field trips that enhance the curriculum they are studying and help students see real-world applications to what they are learning in the classroom.

Students have the opportunity to develop new friendships and experience cultural immersion experiences at MeySen Academy in Japan, Joy Language School in Korea, and Baja Christian Ministries in Mexico.

We value authentic learning by partnering with local, regional, national, and worldwide organizations. Students connect with leaders in their fields of expertise, equipping them with tools for tomorrow’s challenges. These include:

  • Northwest School for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children
  • Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
  • Hour of Code – Global
  • Children of the Nations – Developing Countries
  • Union Gospel Mission
  • Seattle Shoreline City Government & Services
  • Shoreline Math Olympiads
  • Scripps National Spelling Bee
  • King County Green School Washington State Government – Olympia
  • National and Local Authors
  • SPIRIT 105.3 – CRISTA Media

We know all students have leadership potential and lead by participating in a wide variety of opportunities. These include:

  • Vocal, String and Instrumental Ensembles
  • Green Teams (Stewardship) Safety Patrol
  • Emergency Response Teams TV Production
  • Peer Mediators
  • Salmon Conservation
  • Junior National Young Leaders Conference

Each grade level hosts events for parents and students to participate in, including open houses, information nights, clubs, teams, concerts, KIDS Praise, Robotics and other grade appropriate activities.