We, as teachers, are passionate about teaching the visual arts. Our collective goal is to help each student use their own creative voice to realize new works. We teach the classic habits and techniques of artists and creators; with a focus on aiding each student as they use critical thinking skills to revise, evaluate, and share their work.

Gale Riley, AP Studio Art Teacher 

Elementary School 

Art classes in elementary school emphasize art appreciation and literacy by experiencing art in a variety of forms of God’s beauty and design, and skill development. The works of master artists are introduced as well as the elements of art and a variety of art media.   

Junior High 

Junior High students have the opportunity to take classes that introduce them to the fundamental art concepts that will strengthen their skills and prepare them for high school art classes. In Art Fundamentals they explore drawing, painting, clay, and sculpture. Explorations in Art enables them to work with varied mediums (paints, oil pastels, crayon, carving materials, watercolors, ink and more) and explore many art styles and forms. In Modern Art students create projects using various mixed mediums to learn and practice principles of design such as proportion, patterns, unity, balance, and movement, as well as learning about various artists and cultures that influence the projects they create.  

High School 

King’s has a thriving visual arts department with opportunities to study digital photography, drawing and painting, pottery, graphic design, studio art, and the study of cultural art from around the world as electives. AP art classes are also offered. Below is a list of classes offered. 

  • Fusing and Fiber Arts 
  • Photography 
  • Advanced Photography 
  • Studio Art 
  • Visual Arts/Pottery Survey 
  • AP Studio Art 
  • Graphic Design 
  • World Art 
  • Sceptre 
  • Sceptre Plus