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Students at King’s Schools are introduced to physical education and athletics starting as early as Preschool. Our Preschool students have daily opportunities to be active and learn valuable skills from engaging in physical activities and team sports.   

King’s Preschool has an Indoor Gym and Two Outdoor Playgrounds!

Preschoolers at King’s enjoy recess in an indoor gym and two outdoor playgrounds that offer varied equipment and opportunities for diverse recreational activities. Our indoor gym and two outdoor playgrounds help further develop students’ athletic interests and skills, along with their physical aptitude for sports.

Titans Premier FC Program with King’s Preschool

King’s Preschool partners with Titans Premier FC to provide weekly sports classes for our students. The sports curriculum focuses on three main sports: soccer, basketball, t-ball. The program integrates fun, engaging activities to build athleticism.

The Titans Premier FC program allows children to learn various sports as well as principles for success in athletics and life. Our preschool students learn valuable skills like teamwork, safety, following directions, and taking on new challenges.

What is the Titans Premier FC Program?

Titans Premier FC is a youth soccer organization with professional coaching that focuses on kids enjoying sports and developing important life skills. Titans FC mission is “to promote the personal development of each player and help them reach their full potential, both on and off the field with a focus on dedication, discipline, and teamwork.”

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