The King’s Booster Club is an organization of parents and friends of KHS athletics committed to helping King’s High School maintain a winning edge in its athletic programs. All competitive teams – soccer, football, cross country, volleyball, basketball, tennis, track, golf, baseball, and cheer – benefit from Booster Club dollars.    

Membership in King’s Booster Club is open to all who wish to support our athletic programs and athletes. We hope you will join our efforts through membership to help us accomplish our goals.   

Your Booster Club Membership is more than a pass into home Football, Basketball, and Volleyball games. Your membership is a way to support King’s student-athletes. Your membership supplies needed equipment, gear, and coaching stipends above and beyond what is covered by the school’s athletic budget.   

Every team from Cross Country to Cheer receives funds from the Booster Club. Every season of sport, fall, winter, and spring benefits from the Booster Club. If you have a student-athlete then they have been supported by the Booster Club. Your fresh ideas, enthusiasm, and servant’s heart are as valuable to our efforts as your membership fee and the possibilities it provides for King’s athletes. Thanks for considering King’s Booster Club! 

Join the King’s Booster Club!  

To support King’s Athletics through a King’s Booster Club Membership, please click here