Our goal at King’s Schools is to present God’s redemptive message through every show whether it be fairytales or a classic story. Past performance examples: Fiddler on the Roof, Sound of Music and Cinderella.

Janna McCardle, Theater Arts Teacher

Elementary School 

Theater Arts are incorporated into the curriculum in elementary classrooms through poetry, readings, reenactments, interpretations, presentations, and the play of the Mike Martin Story. Our music teacher always incorporates drama into the K-6 musical concerts throughout the year. And enrichment classes are offered afterschool by outside drama groups. 

Junior High 

Musical theater training begins in Junior High. Students in 7th grade can take Introduction to Drama and Performance in which they rotate through different stations to learn improvisation, scene work, and musical performance skills.  This elective gives experience in acting, singing, dancing, developing characters, and creating improvisational skits.   

Students in 8th  grade can take Advanced Drama/Musical, a two-quarter elective where they learn to act, sing, and dance on the big stage. This class teaches all the performance skills necessary to perform in the 8th grade musical.  Auditions for specific roles are part of the class and there are three required performances (one matinee and two evening). In addition, students who did not take drama in 7th grade but want to be in the 8th grade musical can take 8th Grade Drama to learn the basics of acting, singing, and dancing for plays, Improv, and musical theater. 

High School 

Theater Arts electives at King’s allow students to explore and develop their talent in acting, singing, dancing, and technical components of productions. Families participate in support roles such as costumes, props, and sets. All high school students can enroll in the following classes:

  • Theatre Arts Workshop: Develop skills in the audition process, character development, voice and dance 
  • Advanced Drama Spring Musical: Full Broadway Productions with after school rehearsals and performances 
  • KHS Live (Improvisational Acting): Beginning and advanced improv acting skills are developed and performed. 

High quality productions of plays, musicals, and Improv draw the school and local community together, delighting participants and audiences alike.