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The Arts in Preschool

Preschoolers are Enthusiastic Artists

King's Preschool students love to engage in dramatic play, sing spontaneously, explore textures & colors, and design masterpieces for the family to display.

At King’s Preschool we implement “Creative Curriculum” to intentionally incorporate a range of artistic exploration and expression throughout learning opportunities.  

Preschoolers use a wide variety of materials and tools to express their uniqueness, wonder, and growing knowledge of the world. We teach language and math through visual and performing arts throughout the day, making it effortless for students to absorb information and learn skills they will use for the rest of their lives.  


Music is a major part of the preschool day and is used to prepare students for elementary school as well as to fill classrooms with fun and joy. Students explore instruments and enjoy singing in circle time, during transitions, and other times throughout the day.

Art/Writing Center

A variety of art and writing materials are available in the classrooms to allow children to manipulate objects and explore their creativity. Art and writing centers are designed to give children the opportunity to develop, create, process, and work through their own plans and ideas. Teachers guide children in these centers to further develop language and communication skills through the art and writing process, optimizing autonomy, and allowing children to become confident and proud of their choices and accomplishments.

The Arts in Preschool

Dramatic Play Center

At this center, children take on various roles and recreate real-life experiences while building their vocabulary and social skills through cooperation and community play. Through dramatic play activities, students develop a greater capacity for communication and important habits of mind that extend far beyond classroom walls and school years.

Specialty Classes

In addition to our centers, circle times, and other artistic opportunities throughout the general school day, we offer specialty classes each day of the week. These Dance, Music, Drama, and Visual Arts classes, taught by experts, promote creative learning, foster multicultural awareness, and reinforce and enrich skills and content being taught in the classroom.

The Arts in Preschool