King’s Junior High

King’s Junior High

A Place to Grow

King’s Junior High provides a structured, nurturing community where students mature beyond the elementary years and prepare for high school with rigorous academics, leadership training, and sportsmanship.

The core subjects of Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Bible are taught in single gender classes that allow teachers to meet the unique learning and social needs of boys and girls more effectively. A variety of elective classes are available and qualifying students may take honors Math classes, Spanish I, and Washington State History. 

Core academic classes (Math, Science, English, and World History) meet on a block schedule of 75-minute periods. Students have two core classes during each eighteen-week term; P.E. and Bible alternate every nine weeks. Elective classes are either nine weeks or one term.  

Community Groups

Community Groups are fundamental at King’s Junior High. The purpose is to build unity and offer one more intentional opportunity for our students to “know and be known.” Community Groups are small groups of students with a teacher leader. The groups do team building activities, get spiritual encouragement and discipleship, spend time in prayer, and work on lessons that promote a healthy school culture.

King’s Junior High


Single gender classes will be scheduled for 7th & 8th grade students in core academic classes such as Reading, Writing, Math and Science. Elective classes will be taught in a co-ed environment.

King’s Junior High


Students in Junior High study the Bible in its entirety with an Old and New Testament survey.

Our goal at King’s is to teach, mentor, equip, and disciple students to be in relationship with Jesus Christ. We do this through teaching biblical literacy, equipping students to embrace their identity in Christ, and discipleship or spiritual mentorship. The King’s educational experience distinguishes the Bible as supreme authority in life and equips our students to be leaders able to live out their faith as a practical demonstration of God’s love.


Our seventh graders develop competency and fluency in reading, writing and critical thinking. In eighth grade, the focus narrows to reading comprehension and the integrated skills of literature, grammar and writing.


Beginning with arithmetic concepts and the introduction of algebraic concepts, students are able to advance to Algebra 1 given their skill level.

World History

Seventh graders study the origin of our world and world cultures. Eighth graders learn about North America and the United States from Pre-Columbian times through the Reconstruction period.


Seventh graders use scientific methods of investigating to learn the basic structure of living things (introduction to biology). Eighth graders study chemistry and physics.

Physical Education

Our focus is on personal fitness and health.


Options include art, drama, video production, Lifetime Sports, intramurals, guided study hall, mock trial, robotics, journalism and creative writing, cooking, crafts and hobbies, and Spanish.

Extra-curricular Life

Our Junior High students have a variety of activities in which to participate, including Sports: Interscholastic volleyball, football, cross country, basketball, track and field, and girls’ soccer; Armor Blast: An extended day retreat for building friendships; and Socials: All-school parties including games, food, and music.