Teachers and staff at King’s Preschool lay a solid foundation of biblical truth for our students. From the classroom setup and playground to daily interactions, every part of the day at preschool is built on faith, security, and love. Bible stories, memory verses, and prayer, with a special focus throughout the year on fostering each fruit of the Spirit, are concrete ways that children learn about God and His Word at King’s Preschool.

God’s love and instructions are exemplified and taught in the daily routines, guidance, and conversations between children and teachers. Children learn that God is the Creator of all things, we are loved and cared for by Him, and we can have a personal relationship with Him. Teachers maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and are living examples of God’s love as they support one another and each child’s own journey and relationship with the Lord.


Everything we do at King’s Elementary comes from a faith perspective. Our students get a full picture of scripture as we emphasize community, leadership and service. It’s the kind of environment that connects faith to everyday life. Students receive daily Bible instruction, attend Kids Praise! services, participate in King’s Kids character development, and are in social responsibility groups. They have many opportunities to put their faith in action by participating in missions and community service opportunities.

KIDS Praise

Through our multi-grade KIDS Praise services, children develop a desire to love and honor God more deeply as they experience God’s truth. Students of all ages are given multiple opportunities to lead and actively praise God through vocal and instrumental music, prayer, and scripture reading. It is our privilege to have a variety of professional speakers come from local church communities and within the CRISTA community to share God’s authentic, daily transformational experiences with our students.

Junior High

The Bible is foundational to King’s Junior High. We provide an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion, creating student experiences that encourage and nurture deeper levels of Christian commitment. Our faculty is at the center of our Christian mission, setting the tone for day-to-day school life as positive Christian role models. Teachers and staff bring their personal spiritual devotion to every facet of King’s Junior High life.

Bible classes, weekly chapel, prayer and praise meetings, and small group Bible studies are among the exceptional opportunities offered to our 7th and 8th grade students. Community Groups are central to King’s Junior High.

 Junior High Community Groups

Through Community Groups, King’s Junior High students will grow in faith, knowledge, and wisdom while serving compassionately and leading courageously. Community Groups  build unity and offer one more intentional opportunity for our students to “know and be known.” Community Groups are small groups of students with a teacher leader and the groups do team building activities, get spiritual encouragement, spend time in prayer, and work on lessons that promote a healthy school culture. There are also fun and friendly competitions like the Deck the Halls Throwdown at Christmas time.

Students grow through experiencing new challenges, deepening their faith, and increasing academic knowledge. Opportunities for growth include single-gender classes, Community Groups, the 7th grade Back to School Blast, and the 8th Grade Adventure.

  • The 7th Grade Blast is an extended day retreat where students are challenged and encouraged.
  • The 8th Grade Adventure is a three-day adventure trip to Stonewater Ranch in Leavenworth, Washington. During this time, students will bond as a group, experience the great outdoors, study and practice specific leadership skills, set goals and push personal limits and spend time in spiritual reflection.

Students serve God by serving others in their school, churches and in the greater community. Service opportunities include assisting with athletic programs, giving time to local churches and volunteering with community organizations.

Students become leaders by developing valuable leadership skills. Students will enhance their leadership skills by participating in student-led conferences, supporting the arts and athletics, leading Chapel worship, participating in Chapel team, leading as part of Armor Council and being a productive member of the Leadership Class elective.

High School

Christian formation at King’s High School is not a program that can be separated from the curriculum; it’s part of everyday life. Academics, the arts, athletics, technology, and even lunch are all part of our spiritual lives when life is approached with a Biblical worldview. King’s provides a communal learning environment where the Christian faith is developed and nurtured through joining knowledge with devotion to God in worship and acts of service. Through weekly chapel, Bible classes, community service, mission trips, and many more activities, we expose our students to the goodness and relevancy of God.


Every week students gather for worship through music and the preaching of God’s Word. Students are involved in the planning and leading of the Chapel time, providing opportunities to grow their spiritual gifts and minister to their peers. Teachers, students, and community members share an encouraging message from the scriptures with time designated for student-led discussion.

Community Service

Jesus showed us the nature and character of God by taking the posture of humble service to others (Phil. 2:5-11). Therefore, one of our greatest tools for Christian spiritual formation is through acts of service both locally and globally. Students have community service expectations that emphasize serving one another and people from vulnerable populations. Yearly mission trips have provided opportunities to serve communities ranging from Seattle to Honduras.