High school can present itself with certain challenges and stressors to students. What sets King’s High School apart is the student support we offer through our Counseling Department. The Counseling Department at King’s High School is committed to providing data-driven, culturally relevant, Christ-centered, and age-appropriate services to all students. 

 The Counseling team has the unique gift of being able to work with students while reinforcing the deep love and care Christ has for them. Every student is made in the image of God and has been created to do amazing things in this world. It is through this lens that we support and guide students in whatever area of counseling we are working in. Our goal is to make sure all students have the support they need to thrive academically, personally, and spiritually in high school and beyond. 

The Counseling team works closely with the various stakeholders, including parents, community members, and outside organizations to provide necessary resources to students. We value these partnerships and acknowledge the key role they play in the success of the student. This includes parent informational meetings, referrals to outside counseling resources, college and career days. 

The King’s High School Counseling Center is located on the second floor of the main high school building. It is a space dedicated to supporting students’ well-being. Students can meet individually with their counselors, work quietly in the testing room, collaborate with classmates, or simply relax and enjoy a quiet place to be for a moment. 

Ways we support students:  

  • 4-year academic planning to prepare for graduation and life beyond high school 
  • Social/Emotional support 
  • College and career planning 
  • Academic support plans for students with diagnosed learning differences 
  • 9th-grade transition to high school 
  • Teacher support and education 
  • Promoting student self-advocacy 
  • Classroom guidance lessons