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King’s High School Robotics

What is the Robotics Team?

In 2009, the Cyber-Knights Robotics Program was born. Robotics at King’s High School is far more than just building robots. It is about team building, strategy, and marketing.

The Robotics team strives to inspire future leaders and increase opportunities for all students through robotics. They are dedicated to impacting lives in the community and around the world regardless of gender, race, age, culture, or ability. All that matters is the willingness to learn. KHS Robotics share their passion with those around them to bridge gaps and break down barriers.    

Bridging the gaps that exist in STEM today is what drives the Robotics team forward. They bridge these gaps by empowering students to experience changing the world in real-time. Building an award-winning robot is a huge aspect of being a part of the Robotics team but is by far not the most important.   

King’s Robotics Give Back

Local and international outreach is important to the Robotics team. In 2015, the Robotics program at King’s started the Unified Robotics. A few years ago, the program got picked up by the Special Olympics, now the team helps run events around the world.  The Special Olympics Unified Robotics is a robotics program for students with intellectual disabilities. This program is quickly expanding. The Robotics team serves internationally by sustaining the first East African FTC team in Uganda and mentors the first FRC team in Vietnam.

King’s High School Robotics

FIRST Robotics Program

The KHS Robotics team is part of an organization called FIRST Robotics. FIRST Robotics runs competitions worldwide that the team competes in. FIRST Robotics releases a new game with new tasks for a robot to compete for points. As a team, they analyze the challenge along with the design and manufacturing of the robot. Since 2009, the KHS Robotics team has attended every FIRST Robotics World Championship. In 2018, the team placed second at the World Championship.

King’s High School Robotics

Robotics Makes a Difference

Henry is a senior at King’s High School. He has been a part of our Robotics program since he was in the first grade. Henry explains how there is more to Robotics than just building a robot. The other side of Robotics is business. “Our business department does everything that isn’t building a robot. That includes fundraising, communicating with sponsors, submitting awards, and outreach. Outreach is a huge part of our team,” Henry says. The team shows their robot at events to teach others about Robotics, volunteers at local Robotics events, and helps teams around the world as part of the Compass Alliance.

The Robotics program at King’s has impacted Henry. He shares, “The community is amazing and has impacted my life in a way that is hard to put to words. I have learned so much from my many years doing robotics and plan to stay involved even after high school.” Robotics provides opportunities for everyone to learn and be a part of a team. Henry has learned valuable skills in leadership, engineering, communication, and collaboration.

King’s High School Robotics