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A large part of what makes King’s High School Students thrive are the various opportunities to get involved.

Students can choose from many different clubs and programs. All clubs are student-led and created with the endorsement of a King’s faculty member. Our clubs offer students the opportunity to gather with other students who share similar interests. King’s High School Clubs meet during and outside of regular school hours. Many clubs host events on the weekends or find ways to give back to the community together. These clubs serve as a great support system for students and a way students can make lifelong friends.  

There is something for everyone

Don’t see the club that interests you? King’s High School is constantly expanding and adding more clubs. You might be the one to create our next club!


The Alpine Club stays active with winter sports like snowboarding and skiing. Students take trips to the mountain to enjoy the snow as they snowboard or ski.


Students learn and develop their skills in animation through the Animation Club.

Chem Club

The Chem Club gathers and discusses all things Chemistry.

Community Outreach

Students in the Community Outreach Club find ways to serve their community.

Cyber Knights

The Cyber Knights work together to bridge gaps and solve problems through STEM.


Students in the Drumline Club put their passion for music to action through crowd involving beats at KHS athletic events.

Film Club

The Film Club watches and discusses movies of all kinds.


In the Games Club, students enjoy friendly competition as they play games together.

International Club

The International Club exists to provide a space for all students to engage with a variety of cultures while sharing their own cultural experiences.

More Perfect Union Constitution

The More Perfect Union Constitution Club discusses and analyzes the United States Constitution.

Mountain Biking Club

Students who have a hunger for adventure thrive in the Mountain Biking Club, as they learn new skills and take rides together.

Ping Pong

Students play ping pong together.

See Justice

Students a part of the See Justice Club, focus on ways to restore injustices locally and globally.

Spike Ball

Students gather to play rounds of Spike Ball.

International Club Alpha Retreat

God transformed the lives of several students at the International Alpha Retreat. Leading up to the retreat, the students in the International Club met every week to go through a series on essential topics to the Christian Faith.

After 7 weeks of going through this series together as a club, the International Club Coordinator, Mary Hudon held a retreat for the students to go deeper in their faith and learn about the love Jesus has for them. Mary served the high school for 10 years as the Performing Arts Coordinator and just this year, became the International Club Coordinator as well. When she was approached to take on this new role, she shares, “I was hesitant at first. But then I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me and continue to remind me that my background and experience with different cultures abroad and my pastoral heart for those struggling was an exact match for such a time as this. I realized then that God had planned this for me all along.”

At the International Club’s Alpha Retreat, several students restored their relationship with Christ, while others accepted Jesus into their life for the first time.

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