A strong, positive educational experience can set students up for long-term academic, personal, and professional success. The best educational experiences nurture and support the whole child, engage and involve the family, and set challenging yet achievable bars to bring grit and greatness out of every student. A private school education can deliver all of this and more, paying dividends of success, support, achievement, self-confidence, and meaningful relationships. 

The benefits of private school are both tangible and intangible. Studies show that private school students consistently score higher on standardized testing and college readiness exams, such as the SAT,  in nearly all subjects. Plus, there’s something extra special about knowing that the teachers that spend day-in and day-out with your children genuinely care about their entire being.

The incredible benefits of a private school education speak for themselves and aren’t limited to just academics.

What Are the Benefits of Private School?

A private school education comes with many unique benefits that extend far beyond the K-12 years. Let’s explore a few of the many benefits of private school.

Personalized, Individualized Attention

One of the most priceless benefits of private school is the personalized and individualized attention your student will receive. In general, private schools have a lower student-to-teacher ratio than public schools, allowing teachers the breathing room they need to give each student proper guidance, feedback, and encouragement. 

Private schools nationwide have about 12 students per teacher compared to 16 students per teacher at public schools. Teachers with fewer students are generally less overwhelmed and are able to put more time, effort, and energy into making sure every student in their class has the support they need to learn the material.

Strong Academic Standards

Private schools are known for having high academic standards that help prepare students for the rigor of college and instill a strong work ethic that serves them throughout life. These high standards allow students to push themselves academically in a supportive, positive environment. 

Additionally, the standard of academic excellence private schools uphold instills strong respect and value for education in students, helping them stay focused and motivated through the ebbs and flows of childhood and adolescence. 

Strong Faith-Based Values

As children grow up, they begin to encounter new situations, experiences, people, and thought processes that a strong faith foundation can help them navigate. Some private schools, such as King’s Schools, offer a faith-based curriculum that trains and challenges students academically and spiritually. 

Children typically spend more than 30 hours per week at school. Spending that time in an environment with the same values that reign at home helps support students’ spiritual growth and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Expert Teachers

Great teaching can turn a seemingly dull subject into a fascinating one. On the flip side, poor teaching can turn students off and prevent them from understanding important material. Private schools often boast expert teachers that may have non-traditional paths to the teaching profession. 

These teachers may bring professional experiences outside of teaching that enrich their understanding of the subjects they teach and inspire new ways to share that knowledge with their students. Many private schools look for strong backgrounds in a particular area rather than general experience and education as a teacher, strengthening their teaching corps credibility and diversity. 

Unique Program Opportunities 

Oftentimes, private schools have unique programs that may not be available at local public schools. Whether they’re academic partnerships, foreign language programs, study abroad opportunities, or entrepreneurship workshops, these unconventional programs can help students explore their interests and discover what they’re interested in. 

King’s Schools offers a Spanish Language Immersion Program that helps students attain biliteracy and bilingualism. Language skills such as the ones acquired from this program can set students apart on college and job applications, empowering them to engage with the diversity of our communities with confidence.

Invested Alumni Network

An invested alumni network is one of the most valuable long-term benefits of a private school. Private schools often brim with a strong sense of community. Alumni have strong affinities for their school and like to stay engaged with their fellow graduates.

Private schools often have rich relationships with their alumni network of invested individuals who desire to give back to their school and help support future graduating classes. This connection to an engaged alumni network can open the door to internships, mentorships, and future job opportunities. 

King’s Schools, a Faith-Filled Private School

Your child can get all of the benefits of a private school we explored above and more at King’s Schools. Located in Seattle, Washington, King’s Schools offers an exemplary Christian education for students in grades preschool through twelfth grade.

With dedicated, purpose-filled teachers, a vibrant school community, and a commitment to discipling kids spiritually and academically, King’s Schools just might be the perfect place for your child to learn, grow and thrive. RSVP to join an upcoming virtual open house or visit our campus today to get more information.