November is here, and at King’s Preschool in Shoreline, Washington, a suburban area near Seattle., we want to ensure preschool safety is a top priority. Establishing safety rules and emergency protocols is essential to ensure children are safe. Keeping preschoolers safe and sound during the adventures of November is crucial for King’s.  

Prioritizing Preschool Safety   

First things first, check and make sure the preschool building is safe. That means checking school doors, windows, and all the fun toys on the playground. At King’s Preschool, we ensure everything’s in good shape to keep every little explorer safe.   

Safe Hellos and Goodbyes   

Having safe drop-off and pick-up rules is essential when arriving at a preschool. Only parents or trusted adults should pick up children. At King’s, we always go the extra mile to ensure the correct individual picks up every child.   

Implement Preschool Safety Emergency Plans   

Sometimes, November brings unpredictable weather, like uncomfortable temperatures, storms, or power outages. At King’s Preschool, we ensure we have a plan ready just in case. Also, we practice what to do so everyone is prepared for surprises.   

Being Attentive   

Every day, we ensure an adult looks out for each preschooler. They must keep their eyes peeled to make sure children are safe. Whether little ones are learning inside or having fun outside, adults are being attentive. At King’s, we also thoroughly check the playground toys to ensure they’re age-appropriate and free from anything that could hurt preschoolers.    

Procedures for Good Health and Hygiene   

November also means sneezes and sniffles season. So, it’s the perfect time to prioritize good health and hygiene. We ensure our little ones wash their hands and use hand sanitizer throughout the day. Also, at King’s, we teach preschoolers to cover up their mouths and noses to keep their friends healthy if they cough or sneeze.  

Communication is Key   

Effective communication is of paramount importance when it comes to ensuring our children’s safety. Parents and teachers often communicate about safety rules and emergency protocols here at King’s. Thorough communication ensures everyone knows the rules, protocols, and procedures to ensure King’s Preschool remains safe. We have phone numbers of parents, guardians, and other trusted adults so teachers know who to call for help.  

Safety is a big deal at King’s Preschool in Seattle, Washington. By communicating and following these safety tips, we all work together to ensure our preschool is a safe and fun place to learn and grow. Remember, preschoolers can have the best time exploring, learning, and making friends when safe. If you’re looking for a safe preschool for your child, schedule a tour at King’s Preschool today