When contemplating private schools, our attention tends to gravitate toward the students, teachers, and curriculum. Yet, there exists another pivotal cohort profoundly influencing the triumph of these establishments: the alumni. These are the individuals who have traversed the corridors, occupied the classrooms, and acquired their diplomas from these private institutions. King’s Schools, a private Christian School in Shoreline, WA, values alumni participation in the community.  

Many of King’s Schools’ teachers, faculty, and coaches are all alumni. They are a valuable resource, and their significance cannot be overstated. King’s Schools has a strong alumni program for graduates, check it out here. Here’s why alumni are so important. 

Provide Financial Support 

Graduates often play a significant role in funding their alma maters. They contribute towards scholarships, fund research projects, and support infrastructure development. Their contributions can make a huge difference to the financial health of a private school, paving the way for future students to receive quality education. 

King's Schools Blog - Importance of Alumni

Enhance the Private School’s Reputation 

Alumni are ambassadors of their school. When they achieve success in their careers and personal lives, they bring prestige to their alma mater. This can help attract more students and faculty, enhance the institution’s reputation, and increase its ranking in educational surveys. King’s Schools alumni include students who have gone on to the NBA, become doctors, pilots, missionaries, and even a news host on television.  

Serve as Role Models 

Former students who have achieved success serve as role models for current students. They show what’s possible with hard work, dedication, and the right education. Their stories can inspire students to strive for success and aim high in their own lives. This is why having alumni come back as teachers or coaches is beneficial for the student. They get to see someone who was in their shoes and be inspired to know what their future could look like.  

Offer Valuable Connections 

Alumni networks are a powerful tool for both current students and fellow alumni. These networks can provide job opportunities, business partnerships, and mentorship. They can also offer valuable advice and guidance, helping individuals navigate their careers and personal lives. King’s High School’s DECA program partnered with local alumni for a career fair where students chose several presentations to attend. The high school students had the opportunity to network with alumni in their chosen profession. Many King’s High School students receive their first job from students who have graduated from King’s.   

Contribute to Community Building 

Alumni often stay involved with their schools and universities long after graduation, participating in events, serving on boards, and contributing to community initiatives. They help build a sense of community and continuity, strengthening the bonds between past, present, and future students. Check out why Standford believes Alumni are so important to the community. 

Alumni are a vital asset to schools and universities. They provide financial support, enhance the institution’s reputation, serve as role models, offer valuable connections, and contribute to community building. If you are in the Seattle, WA, area and are looking for a school that provides your child with a strong education that prepares them for their future, look no further. Schedule a tour today to be part of the King’s Legacy!