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Tips to Help your Student During Finals Week

October 31, 2019

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It is that time of year again – finals week. Finals Exam Week may bring forth a variety of emotions for students: anxiousness, nervousness, excitement, and contentment. All of these emotions can be boiled up into one common feeling: stress.

Studies have shown that small amounts of stress can actually be beneficial. Stress is a normal bodily response to challenging situations. In the case of a student, stress may help them study better. However, too much can be detrimental to their health and performance. Exam stress can affect any student at any educational level. As we go into final exam week, here are some tips to help your student prepare for success.

#1. Aid to their physical health.

As a student with plenty of studying, projects, and presentations to finish, it can be easy to overlook your physical health. Make sure you encourage your student to be mindful of this! A well-rested student is more alert and more likely to retain important information. Nutrition is also key. Students need balanced meals and plenty of water throughout the week and by tending to their physical health, you will also be supporting their mental health.

#2. Get organized.

Make sure your student has set aside time for studying, time for extracurricular and physical activities. In their designated study time, limit the distractions by suggesting a quieter place to study, rather than in front of the television or in a large group of people.

#3. Encourage them to seek out extra help.

Teachers are more than willing to spend time helping their students. Tutors are also made available. The Learning Commons is a great place for research. All your student has to do is ask!

#4. Balance is key.

Studying for finals is important, however, your student should also be getting some downtime. Make sure they are resting or spending time with their friends and family!

Overall, being a positive support system can help reduce the amount of stress students may experience during academically challenging times like finals week.