Kathryn graduated from King’s in 2021. She was a part of DECA for all four years of high school and says it was the best decision. “Of course, it was great to learn all about marketing and business, but it’s so much more than that,” Kathryn says. In addition to incredible marketing and business skills, Kathryn learned how to be independent before she left for college. The skills she learned that helped her become more independent were skills such as problem-solving and talking to an adult using eye contact. Kathryn shares, “I also learned simpler skills like how to navigate an airport by myself while on DECA trips.”

DECA makes a point to balance learning with fun. The international competition DECA holds every year varies in the location, anywhere from Orlando, Atlanta, Anaheim, or Nashville. For the international competition, DECA will buy out Disney Land and Universal Studios for the 25,000 competing students from all around the world. Kathryn feels as though this is what sets DECA apart as an organization.

After being a part of King’s DECA for four years, Kathryn says, “With the help from Mrs. Morris, you will leave with life skills that some adults do not have. These skills will set you apart.”