Liv joined the King’s community in fourth grade. She remembers fliers going around for the Elementary Athletic Summer Camps. Liv always dreamed about being a King’s High School Cheerleader. The opportunity to spend the week with high school cheerleaders was something she could not pass up.

At camp with the King’s High School Cheerleaders, Liv and other elementary students learned a dance routine. Then, during football season, they had the opportunity to perform the dance at a High School Football game. Liv shares that at her young age, this was a dream come true.

Liv continued to come back to the King’s Elementary Cheer Summer Camp almost every year until she was old enough to try out for the squad. Liv says, “I made friends through these summer camps, who I would go on to cheer with in high school.” Not only did she create lasting friendships at camp, but she also learned the basics of the sport she wanted to pursue in High School. Liv explains, “The fundamentals I learned at these camps have stuck with me all these years and have helped me become the cheerleader I am today.”

As a King’s High School Cheerleader, Liv now gets to be on the other side of these Elementary Summer Camps, organizing and leading the elementary students. Liv hopes to inspire and have an impact on these young students, just as the King’s High School Cheerleaders once had on her.