Mason, King’s High School class of 2014, attributes where he is today to his years on the Mock Trial team. Mock Trial taught Mason how to be professional in stressful environments. In the Mock Trial program, students work with local legal experts and practitioners as they prepare their cases for competition.

As a third-year law school student, Mason shares what he learned while on the King’s Mock Trial team formed the basis for his real-life courtroom presence abilities and critical thinking skills. Mason uses his Mock Trial skills daily. Mason explains, “the structure of the Mock Trial program exposed me to a plethora of people and their views on politics, the legislature, the state of the law, and professional public speaking that have had a continued impact on me to this day.”

Whether Mason was playing a witness or serving as an attorney, his time on the King’s Mock Trial team was not only rewarding but a fun experience. He hopes the program continues to impact King’s Students, just like him.