Ella worked on The Quill for three years while attending King’s High School. Ella credits the confident person she is today to the work she did on The Quill. Ella’s experience was not only crucial in her professional development but her personal development as well. “The Quill is a fantastic atmosphere for personal growth because it’s not competitive, however the intentional workplace environment that we created allows students to challenge themselves at their own pace,” Ella says.

The staff works hard every year to create fresh themes and content that they believe the student body needs to hear. Ella shares her favorite part of working on the newspaper was discovering what it meant to be the voice of KHS.

Working on The Quill led Ella to discover her creative passions and gave her a safe environment to pursue them. She explains, “It was extremely fun to create the newspaper for 3 years with the incredible staff and Splatter, who supported me through everything.”